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   Chapter 912 Taking The Responsibility

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Looking coldly at Holley, Susan said, "I pray every day that my father's illness will be cured. And yes, I'd also like to send my dear sister to college. But let me tell you, I will never do anything against my own will to achieve those dreams. That includes selling my body to any man. Do you want to know why? If I accept this job, no matter how much I am rewarded, my father would not forgive me, even if he were instantly cured with the money. More than that, I won't be able to look at myself in the mirror for being so cheap either."

While eyeing Holley, she paused for a second. Then, she continued her words, "Miss Ye, I am really sorry, but no matter how badly you want me to do this job, I just cannot accept it. Please, understand where I'm coming from."

Enraged, Holley did not respond immediately. As she had put so much effort into this proposal, she thought it would be a piece of cake to convince them. Now, however, Susan simply turned her down without batting an eye, and she was left in a state of embarrassment. Even more, the models standing around them began to agree with Susan as well. By the looks of it, her proposal was about to go down the drain.

Nevertheless, she did not intend to give up so easily. Putting on a smiling face, she looked at Susan, and said, "Listen to me, Susan. I am doing this for your own good."

After pausing to contemplate how to speak in a more persuasive way, she continued, "You must have misunderstood what I meant. To begin with, I wasn't asking you to sell your body. I am merely suggesting you attend the banquet and offer some company to my big customers, by either serving them with drinks or chatting with them. It is up to you. All the while, you'll make some money which you can help your family with."

The woman sighed and pretended to be offended. "That's a really easy job," she remarked nonchalantly. "I just don't understand why you'd reject my kindness. Can you tell me why you're doing this?" "Is that all we have to do? Just serving customers with drinks and chatting with them?" asked the models, a glint of doubt visible in their eyes.

"Of course," answered Holley quickly. "That's all you have to do." Under those circumstances, she maintained an offended expression and smiled bitterly while saying, "I have already told you from the very beginning, I would never ask you to do things that you don't like. I am not that kind of person. What have I unwittingly done that you would think the worst of me? It's truly quite upsetting."

When Holley sensed that the models were slowly getting convinced, she went on, "I know how difficult it is for you to make some money. I also know you are working really hard. I totally understand you, and want to offer my sincere help. I want to bring more benefits to you. That is why I am doing all of this. For you. Besides, in this day and age, no one can make you do things you don't want to do. And I'm no exception. Do you still think I can make you sell your bodies?"

"But..." Some of the models were still reluctant. Despite her reassurance, they could tell that it still seemed no different from being a paid escort. Uncertain whether they should accept the job or not, everyone waited to see what the others would do.

"Please, no more ifs or buts." The manager gave another forced smile and said, "I won't allow any harm befall on you. No one is permitted to hurt you. What else are you afraid of? Why are you still hesitating?"

Then she looked at the models with eagerness, and tried to persuade them again. "Well, let m

r the termination of the contract, I will ask a lawyer to talk to you later. And I think there's no need for us to meet again."

She cracked into a smile and went on, "I will go back to pack up my stuff now. As soon as I'm done with that, I'll leave the hotel."

"I am asking you one more time. Are you really determined to go?" asked Holley, looking extremely sulky. No matter how much she tried, it seemed that Sheryl managed to get away from her devious plans. The thought of her slipping away from their contract agreement made it difficult for her to suppress her anger.

Without a trace of fear, Sheryl nodded and responded, "I won't be leaving by myself. I'm bringing Susan with me."

"Are you now openly setting yourself against me?" asked Holley coldly. A dangerous hint of vengeance flashed in her eyes.

"Not really. I am just being myself," said Sheryl, smiling in a relaxed way. "I just don't want to do things I don't feel like doing. Is there anything wrong about that?"

There was no question about it. Sheryl was determined to help Susan get out of this dilemma as well. Looking at Holley without an ounce of fear in her eyes, she said, "Susan is still too young for her own good. If you're gonna fire her for this, that's all right. I'll take full responsibility for her penalties. You have no need to worry about that."

As she finished her words, she turned around to take a look at Susan and said, "Let's go now."

"Okay," replied Susan. Only then did the young woman come to realize how selfless and kind Sheryl was, and that the woman would do everything to help her. She then followed behind Sheryl with gratitude.

When some of the models saw Sheryl turn her back on Holley overtly, they threw a look of disdain at her. One of them expressed her views scornfully, "You're just so pretentious. I know you're a mother of two children. You don't have to brag about this. No one's asking you to sell your body. Besides, I doubt anyone would want you as you're a mother. You're not a virgin anymore. I just don't see what the hell you are afraid of."

Another model who was irked by her defiance also made a personal comment, wanting to insult Sheryl. "So shameless and slutty. When I think of the way she seduced Charles Lu, I can tell she's really good at seducing a man. If she can't go to the banquet, it's really a waste of chance..."

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