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   Chapter 911 Alternate Intimidation And Bribery

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9655

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A sly smile spread over Holley's face as she thoroughly examined Sheryl's appearance. Then, she looked around as though she were a queen with everything under her control.

"In fact, it is not just some modern fancywork. More importantly, you need to..." said Holley and then paused for a bit. Hesitance had crossed her face before she continued, "I asked you to come here today because there are a few important guests who would appreciate our company later."

As soon as the words had left her mouth, the girls wore shocked expressions upon fully comprehending the underlying meaning of 'accompanying guests'. It was not what they expected to hear from her. "What? Are you just kidding me?" a girl asked in a rather indignant tone. "Miss Ye, that is not what you said before. It is so absurd for you to think that we would ever agree to do something like this." "She's right! We are models and model show has always been our major work. We don't want to get involved in any of your shady activities. We have made it clear in our contract, so I am afraid that we can't do that for you," a girl said furiously.

"Yes. Miss Ye," said Susan, looking at her disbelievingly, "how could you make that decision without talking to us about it beforehand? You can tell that everyone here does not want to take part in this."

After she had furrowed her eyebrows into a frown, she then turned to Sheryl, and said, "Sher, BM Corporation looked like a legitimate company and that's why I wanted to work here in the first place. But I never expected that such an atrocious business would also exist here. It feels so disgusting."

Being cautious, Sheryl pressed her lips into a thin line and kept silent as she felt like it was not an accident. It appeared that everything that had happened so far was on purpose.

"Miss Ye, if you're asking us to be a bunch of hostesses today, then I'm afraid that we'll have to decline your request," another girl almost cried out.

"Yes, we won't do that," the girls agreed in a furious tone.

It was apparent that Holley's proposal encountered strong opposition from all the girls except for Sheryl, who just sat there motionlessly while refraining from uttering her true thoughts.

She knew Holley well enough not to be impulsive. If the woman had her mind made up about something, she would do whatever to achieve her purpose. Even if the girls were reluctant to do her bidding, they would be unable to change a thing.

That was why she decided not to contradict the woman. It was futile.

When Holley glanced at Sheryl, she half expected that she would look like a duck caught in a thunderstorm.

After all, she had been waiting for this moment for such a long time.

However, to her surprise, Sheryl looked so composed as though nothing had happened. Her relaxed demeanor was so convincing that it made Holley feel frustrated

rstand. They are very different cases. It sounds so ridiculous."

Taking a glance at Susan, Holley was a little bit angry. Had it not been for Sheryl, the girls would not be so agitated.

After calming down her nerves, she looked at Susan and asked, "Susan, haven't you always wanted to ensure your father's health? And on top of that, afford your sister's tuition?"

"So what? I'll achieve that eventually," replied Susan furiously. "Just not in this way," added Susan. It did not take her long to comprehend what Holley was trying to allude. Frankly, what the woman was trying to say annoyed her.

"Well, you are a nice girl. If you promise me to do this favor, I promise that you would have enough money to achieve all of your dreams," persuaded Holley patiently. She showed a smile and then went on to continue, "They offered a huge payment in exchange for all of you to show up tomorrow. I know you all work very hard, so I'll only take a fraction of it and you could have the rest of the money. Coral, didn't you always want to buy that bag? If you grab this rare opportunity, you can buy more than ten bags the next day."

"What? Are you serious?" asked Coral suspiciously. After hearing Holley's offer, she refrained from revealing the slightest hint of interest. Truthfully, the pay was tempting. She looked into Holley's eyes and tried to figure out whether she was telling the truth. "Miss Ye, are you serious or is it just a joke?"

"Of course, I am serious," replied Holley firmly. Then she turned to another girl and said, "I know you've always wanted to buy a big house. You could achieve your dream if you'd accept this deal." Persuading them was a cinch since she knew how to exploit their weaknesses. All of the young models looked reluctant after hearing her tempting offer. Soon enough, just as she had expected, they became less resistant to her proposal than they had been a few moments ago.

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