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   Chapter 910 A Different Activity

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"Thank you, Miss Ye," all the models expressed their gratitude. These models had been used to arduous training. Moreover, they had to be on a diet for keeping slim. That was why this business trip was a precious time for them to relax and eat heartily. Even if it meant that they had to lose weight by taking exercises later on.

A model put on a big smile and buttered Holley up, "Miss Ye, why don't you eat?"

"Me?" Holley gave a soft smile. Then she answered in a faint voice, "I don't like eating seafood since childhood. To be honest, I am allergic to seafood. So it is better for me to just eat cabbages."

Holley picked some cabbages up by chopsticks and continued, "It's unfortunate that I can't eat this seafood. So all of you must eat more for my sake."

Hearing Holley said that she was allergic to seafood, Sheryl suddenly raised her head. If she remembered correctly, someone close to her also had an allergy to seafood.

Oh, it was Yvonne!

Right, it definitely was Yvonne.

Sheryl hadn't thought of Yvonne for a long time. If her memory served her right, Yvonne was also allergic to seafood.

Yvonne had been sentenced into jail before Ferry rescued her. Nobody knew Yvonne's whereabouts since then.

Sheryl knew Yvonne too well. She was not the kind of person who would give up easily. Could it be… Could she have been sneaking back and keeping waiting for the perfect time to have revenge?

Sheryl stared at Holley and kept thinking about whether she had some relationship with Yvonne. Or… was it possible that she was Yvonne herself?

No, that was impossible!

Sheryl shook her head in an attempt to shun such an unrealistic idea. It was impossible. How could Holley be Yvonne?

They were barely related to each other in any way. They were absolutely different from each other.

It was then that Holley realized that Sheryl's eyes fixed on her. Instantly, something occurred to her about what she had said. Did she just accidentally spill the bean?

A slight tinge of panic got her nerves before she calmed down. Then she smiled at Sheryl and asked, "Sher, what are you thinking?"

"Nothing," Sheryl shook her head as s

e people, "Everybody, this is the red wine that I especially took here. Let's toast for our success in the coming days! Cheers!"

"Cheers!" All the models raised their glasses and tasted the wine. Sheryl sniffed at the wine and found that it was fine wine.

She became more doubtful about Holley's intention today.

"Miss Ye, should you tell us tomorrow's arrangement?" Sheryl put her glass down and asked. "Everyone comes here with you but none of us knows about tomorrow's activity contents. I think you should better tell us now. Otherwise, we will be unprepared and can't handle tomorrow's work," she even added in a calm tone.

"I call everyone out just for tomorrow's work." Holley put on a creepy smile. Then she continued, "Tomorrow's activity is not like… what you have done before. It can be defined as easy. But… it is also likely to be difficult."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Miss Ye, what does that mean? We are all models. Our work is just moving down the runway. Needn't we move down the runway tomorrow?"

"Miss Ye, please stop speaking in riddles. Just speak it out."

Holley's words evoked the curiosity of all the models, including Sheryl.

Sheryl furrowed her eyebrows sternly and fastened her eyes on Holley. She still didn't know why but she had a strong feeling that it wouldn't be a good thing.

Holley gave a big smile before she opened her mouth, "You are all my people. So I just come to the point."

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