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   Chapter 908 The Business Trip

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It was Sheryl's decision to continue with BM Corporation for her last assignment. However it felt like some kind of a servitude. Her soul was somewhere else at Cloud Advertising Company. Nevertheless, she tried to fulfill her duties wholeheartedly. She woke up very early next morning, ate her breakfast and greeted Amy before she went out for work. But when she arrived at the company gate, she found that someone had arrived earlier than her.

"Miss Ye," Sheryl greeted Holley in a faint voice. Ever since Holley had threatened her with Sue, she could no longer hold Holley with respect. However, since she had to work here, it was unavoidable for Sheryl to greet her.

Holley looked at Sheryl and smiled. "Sher, you have also arrived so early," Holley replied her greeting as she took Sheryl's hand in a gentle confiding clasp. She said in an enthusiastic voice, "I thought it would need a long time for others to walk in. I never expected you to come to work so early. Thank God, now I can chat with you to kill time."

A glimmer of joy played on Holley's face as if there were nothing bad had happened between them.

Holley's pretense could not evade Sheryl's eyes. She maintained a diplomatic smile as she slipped her hand out of Holley's grip. She realized that Holley couldn't be underestimated. Holley's insidiousness made her frightened.

Sheryl replied maintaining the smile on her face, "This is my last assignment with this company. I am just trying to complete my work with my diligence."

She then stared at Holley and continued, "Miss Ye, I will resign from the company after completing this assignment. I hope you won't keep me from leaving."

Holley smiled wryly and replied, "Do you still blame me for what happened that day?" She stared at Sheryl with prying eyes.

"Why should I do that?" Sheryl held back her disgust, swallowed and answered in a calm voice. "You are the leader of this company. It is only reasonable for you to instruct me to do anything," Sheryl added looking back at Holley's eyes.

Holley narrowed her eyes to look earnest and said, "Sher, at that time I had no other choice. I hope you understand." Holley paused for a moment, heaved a sigh and continued, "Sheryl, you should know our company's situation now. We were running out of staff at the moment. Even Sue has taken a maternity leave. I had no choice but ask for your help."

Holley pretended to be guilty and added, "I know you blame me, but… I hope you can understand my concerns. It is nothing personal."

"Miss Ye, you are being oversensitive," Sheryl smiled and replied. "Actually I don't have any hostility against you. I just… pr


Susan immediately got worried and inquired in a concerned voice, "Sher, what's matter with you? Do you have a fever?"

Walking over to Sheryl, Susan touched her forehead and said, "Thank God, you don't have a fever."

Susan then joined her brows together and said, "You were fine just now. How could you suddenly feel uncomfortable?" She stared at Sheryl's face with probing eyes.

Sheryl was really amused by this mother goose type concern shown by Susan. "I am okay," she replied with a laugh. She then added, "I am just a little tired and want to take some rest."

Hearing Sheryl's words, Susan released her brows and let out a long sigh. She said, "That's all right then. I will pack the food and bring it for you."

"Thank you," Sheryl smiled appreciating the gesture and sincerely expressed her gratitude.

Susan then went downstairs to join the team but could not free her mind from worrying about Sheryl. Holley furrowed her brows as she saw Susan walking out of their room alone without Sheryl. She couldn't help asking, "Susan, where is Sheryl? Isn't she joining us?"

"She is feeling uncomfortable, and she would like to take a rest in the hotel room," Susan replied promptly. "I will get her food packed for her, don't worry," Susan added. But Holley looked enraged and was far from being pacified from her response.

"But, we can't leave her alone," Holley said with furrowed brows. "This is the first party we are having after coming here. How could she not join us? Moreover, I need to discuss tomorrow's arrangement with you all during dinner," Holley continued.

Then Holley stared at Susan and said in a stern voice, "You go upstairs and call her to join us now. You just tell her we will wait downstairs until she comes down."

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