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   Chapter 907 A Phone Call

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9083

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"Sher, are you okay?" Sue anxiously asked. "Does it hurt?"

"I'm okay," Sheryl answered her with a reassuring smile. Sue then heaved out a sigh of relief and said, "Thank God you're okay."

Laura was infuriated by the act made by the fat woman. "Anthony, call the police now. Let me see if the laws of this country can protect its people."

Anthony nodded and immediately took out his phone. The man on other side shrank back. He started pulling the woman's sleeve and suggested, "Mom, I think we should leave now. If the police really come, how are we going to deal with them?"

"What are you scared of?" the woman exclaimed in a bitter tone. She waved her hand and responded with no remorse on her face, "They killed my daughter. I'm only trying to seek justice here. What's wrong with that? Why do I have to leave?"

"But…" the man contested. He again tried to persuade her to leave, but the woman refused to listen. She continued to curse Sue until the police stepped in. The woman rushed towards the policeman as soon as he appeared in her sight. She pointed a finger toward Sue and insisted that he should take actions to arrest her. "Sir, the younger brother of that woman murdered my daughter. My poor daughter was six-month pregnant. I didn't even have the chance to see the little baby. He killed both his wife and his baby. Please, you have to help me."

The woman started to cry out loud, "This family is not only covering a crime, but also trying to kill me. Please help me!"

"Did you call the police?" the policeman asked as he was dazed by her acting. He looked at the woman, who continued to cry at the side as a man tried to soothe her.

He knew the case as a quarrel when he was instructed to go there, but now it turned into a criminal case.

"It's me," Anthony spoke from the back, his face devoid of any emotion. A crowd began to build up because of the show the woman had created. Anthony made his way to approach the policeman to explain.

"Sir, please listen to me," he started. But the woman got hold of the policeman's arm. She continued clinging to him and wouldn't let go. "They killed my daughter. You must seek justice for me."

"Let go of me first." He gave the woman a helpless look. "Please, Madam." Then he turned to Anthony and said, "Let me hear your clarification first. Then I will do what I should as a policeman."

"Arrest them! Arrest them all!" the crazy woman screamed. "I want all of them to die!"

"What is going on here?" The policeman finally gave up talking to the irrational woman. He turned again to Anthony to clarify on what the commotion was about.

Anthony gave him a summary of the chain of events, as well as what had happened today.

After packing all the things that she needed for the trip, she finally got to sit down and suddenly thought of Charles. He might be on this business trip as well.

She only found out a few days ago, that the place she was heading to, was the same venue where Charles was. She wondered if Charles would be surprised if she suddenly appeared in front of him.

With this thought in mind, she couldn't help but probe Charles about it.

The phone didn't even finish its first ring. The call was immediately picked up from the other side, and she couldn't hide the joy in her voice when she asked, "Are you busy?"

"Not really," his gentle voice replied. He usually projected a strong and powerful persona, but the moment he saw the number on his caller ID, he switched to this gentle and soft side. "Why do you suddenly think of calling me?"

"I just want to check on how you've been doing," she explained. "I miss you. When are you coming back?" Sheryl continued in a sweet tone.

"I'll be back after five days. When I'm back, I'll go to the Zhao family house to meet you, okay?"

"Okay," Sheryl agreed. "Then I'll try my best to not disturb you for now. Let's catch up when you're back. Goodbye, honey."

"Okay, sweetheart. Bye." Charles' business partners were all ears to what just occurred. After he hang up the call, he looked up at them and explained, "I'm sorry. It's a call from my wife. Where were we just now? Let's continue from where we left off."

The people in the conference room were shocked to find this sudden switch in his personality. At work, Charles was always so firm and strong. Who would have thought that he would be as soft as a kitten in front of his loved one. The soft side he showed them was such a stark contrast to his usual self that caught everyone by surprise.

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