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"Girl, this is none of your business. I suggest you steer clear of this," the fat woman snapped at Sheryl. She looked sore and intimidating as she charged ahead, fixing her gaze at Sue. She clenched her teeth and pointing her finger straight at Sue said, "We're looking for Sue, not you. Just move away."

Anthony heard this and hurried to turn to Sue and said, "Go upstairs now. Let me handle her."

"What happened?" Sue asked instinctively. She creased her brows as she tried to recognize the woman. She searched for all the people in her brain, but couldn't find a match. She had never seen this woman before. Why would she be here? What did she want from her?

"Who is she?" Sue asked again after she failed to receive a reply from Anthony. The vindictiveness in the woman's eyes was extremely unsettling. The woman looked at Sue as if she just wanted to burn her alive through her violent stares. Sue removed her eyes from her and turned to Anthony waiting for an answer from him.

"I have no idea," Anthony answered as he shook his head. "I feel there's going to be a trouble. Sue, go back to your room now. Promise me to stay there no matter what you hear."

"But…" Sue was still hesitant, as she wanted to figure out the reason behind the abrupt and unexpected visit of these people.

"Stop hesitating now," Anthony ordered as he pushed Sue gently. "Just go upstairs and stay there. Now! If not for yourself, we can't afford to cause our baby any harm."

Touching her own belly in a motherly manner, Sue finally decided to heed Anthony's advice. Sue turned homewards taking one last glance of the woman who still stared at her.

Invariably, at the moment, the only priority for both of them was the baby. Regardless of what was going to happen later, Sue had to protect the baby.

The moment the woman saw Sue move back into the house, she narrowed her eyes and yelled distorting her face, "Sue, stop! Pay me back the life of my daughter!"

"You are Doris' mother. Right?" Hearing her last few words, Sheryl had no more confusion about who the woman was. It was clear that she could not find Allen, who happened to be the main suspect in Doris' murder. Hence she had come to vent out her anger on Sue.

How ridiculous that was! What happened to her daughter had nothing to do with Sue. Sue was not even close to Doris. Why some people were just so absurd and refused to see the truth with their open eyes.

The mention of Doris' name in Sheryl's mouth, made the woman turn her blazing glance at Sheryl. "Who are you?" she asked in a croaked voice. Though she refused to answer Sheryl's question, her gestures proved that Sheryl had guessed it right.

"I am a friend of Sue. As for what happened to Doris… I really feel sorry about that." Throwing the woman a disdainful look, Sheryl tried to reason with her. "But Aunt, I th

ay back the little life to us?"

"Pregnant?" The woman sprang up immediately as she heard the word. Suddenly her red swollen eyes mellowed down and she lowered her face and covered it with her hands. Evidently, the word "pregnant" reminded her of something even more painful. Then she lifted her head and spoke slowly, "My dear daughter was also pregnant when she was killed. She did not get spared for being pregnant. Have you ever considered that? I warn you. Give me that woman, or else I will not move my step today!"

"Aunt…" Sheryl tried to convince the woman to cease. "This accident really had nothing to do with Sue. We won't give her to you whatever you do or say. Right now, we also have no clue where Allen is. But we can promise you that once we have any news about where he is, we will inform the police immediately. The police will definitely do the justice for you and Doris. Please understand that there is no point harassing Sue and her family over what her brother has done."

"You are lying!" The woman refused to believe what Sheryl said. With a scornful look, she continued, "I know what you plan to do. Don't ever expect me to fall for your lie. You are trying to harbor him and give him sufficient time to escape. Probably as we are arguing right now, he is on his way abroad. Isn't it?"

Shooting a vengeful glance at the family, she continued, "My daughter was perfectly fine when she moved to Allen's place. How long has it been? Why is she gone now? I have to get an answer from you today."

"Aunt, currently we are also investigating into this case and trying to find out his motive for committing the crime. But we haven't found anything yet. After we find him, we promise to give you an answer to your question. Okay?" Sheryl again tried to strike a deal with the irrational woman. No matter how she explained, the woman just refused to listen and insisted on seeing Sue.

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