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   Chapter 904 Come Out

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"I feel weird because she didn't do anything!" Sheryl smiled, embarrassment creeping its way up her cheeks. "You see, Laura used to be terrible to me. She hated me deeply. But earlier she treated me so kindly and even showed me upstairs as she asked me to thank my grandma for her. She's like a totally different person! It feels a bit creepy!"

Sheryl frankly described her feelings and Sue was amused by her words. "Maybe… it's because she saw that my relationship with Anthony is stable. She has no reason to be anything other than gentle and kind."

"Probably…" Sheryl nodded. "But I'm still not used to it," she said anyway, doing an exaggerated shudder.

"You'll get used to it after some time," Sue said and hugged Sheryl's arm as she tried to sort out the little disagreement Sheryl had with Laura. "You're my best friend and Laura is my future mother-in-law. You'll be meeting each other more often, for sure. You can't avoid talking to her forever, right? Otherwise, I'd be in a really awkward situation between the two of you. Don't you think?" Sue smiled affectionately.

"But now it's great. She's really changed her attitude. You can be more willing to accept her kindness. I don't need to worry so much about you anymore!"

"Wow, you're a true member of their family so soon," Sheryl remarked. "Anthony loves you very much, doesn't he?" Sheryl teased.

Sue pretended to hit her head as they played with each other, enjoying the moment of bonding. They lay on the bed when they got tired and Sue sighed, "I can't say how much Anthony loves me. But he treats me very well. He fulfills all my requests. But..." She trailed off for a bit. "Who knows how long this kind of love can last? I only hope I can give birth to a baby smoothly. I don't want there to be any more problems from now on."

"Don't worry, everything will be fine," Sheryl reassured her.

"I hope so…" Sheryl dragged out a sigh, still rather skeptical. She confessed her worries to Sheryl, "You also know what happened in my family. Even though I live here with Anthony and he always comforts me, I know that Allen will return and come to me one day. I still can't f

ouldn't do anything more about the matter, and showed Sheryl downstairs.

When Anthony saw Sue coming down, he rushed to her side and put his arms on hers anxiously. "Why don't you go rest in your room? Why'd you go downstairs on your own? It's dangerous!"

"I'm fine! I can't stay in my room all day long, Anthony! I'll feel sick and go insane," Sue complained, clearly unhappy about their arrangement.

"How about I take you for a walk after dinner?" Anthony comforted her and tried to remedy the situation.

"Really?" She was overjoyed at the idea that she could go out. She then took Sheryl's hands happily in hers and begged, "Sher, can you stay here for dinner with us?"

"Thanks, but I can't," she replied. "I have to head back now."

She was standing at the doorway, ready to leave, when suddenly, a fat woman with a group of brawny men headed towards their direction. The big woman pointed at Anthony's house and shouted to the men, "It's there! I'm told that the woman lives there!"

Sheryl knitted her brows and frowned. Before she could really react, the group had arrived at the door and shoved her aside.

"Come here, all of you! Be quick! Catch Sue Wang for me!" the woman commanded.

"Sue Wang, you bitch! Come out now!"

The group bawled almost in unison in front of Anthony's house. Sheryl came forward in an attempt to stop them. She grabbed the woman and demanded, "Who are you? What do you want?"

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