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   Chapter 903 Laura Has Changed

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Sheryl, carrying a thermal food container, visited the Xiao family to look for her best friend, Sue. It was Anthony who opened the door for her. He was stunned when Sheryl appeared at his door.

"Sher? Why are you here?" Anthony was still in shock as he asked this. He didn't think that Sheryl would still come after the conflicts she had with Laura.

After all, it was Sheryl who hated getting involved in any conflicts. Laura was at home, which meant that Sheryl was bound to meet Laura. Since she was here, she had to get ready to meet Laura again. She must anticipate what could happen.

"I am here to visit Sue," Sheryl said calmly. In fact, if Sue were not here, she would never come here.

However, Sheryl had no other choice. Sue was pregnant and needed to rest. It would be inconsiderate of her to ask Sue out just to catch up with her.

"Anthony, is there somebody outside? Who is that?" Laura shouted clearly from inside, "Sue hasn't eaten anything yet. Hurry up and bring food for her."

"I am coming." Right after that, Anthony directed Sheryl in and told her straightly, "Come in. As you may know, Sue is taking a rest. She's upstairs."

Receiving the invitation, Sheryl came in. Laura's face became a little dark when she saw Sheryl walking in from outside. The moment she wanted to say something, Carlson who was downstairs appeared and called, "Sheryl, you are here."

"Nice to meet you, uncle Carlson," Sheryl greeted politely.

"How is your grandpa recently? I haven't heard anything from him since the incident. There was a misunderstanding between us before. If he has already forgiven me, I would be much willing to pay him a visit. I sincerely hope that you could forgive us," Carlson said amiably. His polite and gentle behavior stopped Laura from acting impolitely to Sheryl.

Sheryl graciously replied, "Grandpa is doing well. He has been invited to the hospital to teach the young doctors. In fact, he is busier than I am."

"Oh! Is that true?" A trace of sadness flashed quickly across Carlson's face. He thought, 'I am still young enough to work. It is really worthless to just stay at home without being productive. It makes me feel bored and useless.' Concealing his sadness, he said to Sheryl, "Your grandpa is a professional doctor. It would absolutely be a great and generous move to hand over his skills to the younger generation."

"Uncle Carlson..." Empathizing with Carlson's sadness, S

ompletely show her real intentions.

Unexpectedly, Laura turned to look at Sheryl and calmly said, "Sue is inside. You may get in to see her."

After finishing her words, Laura turned and was ready to leave. At that time, Sheryl was stunned by Laura's action again.

"Aunt Laura…" Sheryl stopped her.

"Hmm? Do you need something?" Laura, facing Sheryl, calmly looked at her as if she had completely changed herself.

"Um... Before I came here, my grandmother had made some chicken soup for Sue. She instructed me to give it to Sue. But, I am afraid that the soup has already become cold, so could you please heat it?"

"Yes, sure." Laura took the thermal container from Sheryl and said straightly, "Send my thanks to your grandmother when you are back."

"Okay. I will surely do." Sheryl nodded slightly. When Laura headed downstairs, Sheryl knocked on the door. Sue walked toward the entryway when she heard the knock. When she saw Sheryl in front of her, she became so excited. "Sher! You're finally here. I feel so bored staying here."

Seeing a puzzled expression on Sheryl's face, Sue asked, "What happened to you? Did Laura bother you again?"

Sue frowned with that sort of thought. Sheryl was her best friend, while Laura was her soon to be mother-in-law. If their relationship was always in tension, Sue would be trapped in an awkward predicament.

"No, not exactly..." Sheryl replied quickly and then continued, "She didn't bother me. It's just that, she is, she…"

Sheryl stammered as she was still having difficulty grasping the situation. Sue was impulsive in asking Sheryl, "What? What did she do?"

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