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   Chapter 902 Proposal

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Sheryl was stunned at Cary's words. "You know Charles?"

"Yes," Cary affirmed. "We've been friends for a long time, and rivals for just as much. I even attended your wedding with him. You probably don't remember me, but I remember you."

He put on a smile that seemed meaningful and continued, "I've also heard that he found his missing wife, but I didn't get the chance to ask him about it."

Though Cary wasn't much of an expert in this area and didn't know exactly how long it would take to craft a plan, he did have a rough estimate of it.

Sheryl's promise was too good to be true. 'She's either over confident or… she's capable of finishing it so fast,' Cary thought. 'I just hope that the latter is true.'

Though she was surprised to be recognized by Charles' friend, Sheryl didn't want to waste more time talking about her past and identity. She wanted to be recognized because of her own abilities, not just by the title of Charles' wife.

Sheryl was Sheryl, a powerful woman, definitely no subordinate to anyone else.

"Mr. Su." Sheryl switched the topic back to business. "If there's nothing more you want to add, I'll start my work now. Do remember to check your mailbox tomorrow morning."

"Alright." Cary nodded. "But I have to remind you. Though I have a close relationship with Charles, this doesn't mean that I will lower my standard for you. It's an important event for me and I'm determined to make it perfect. If your proposal fails to impress me, I'm sorry but I'll have no choice but to reject your plan."

"Rest assured, Mr. Su," Sheryl asserted firmly. "I don't want any special treatment from you either. This is my work and it has nothing to do with Charles."

"Good to hear that," he acknowledged with an approving nod.

After she excused herself, Sheryl left the office, and Isla, who had been waiting outside the door all the while, was anxious to know the outcome. "So Sher, how is it? Did he intentionally make it difficult for you?"

"No," Sherly answered. She put on a face full of determination and said, "Mr. Su likes our idea. Now we have to go back to rush working. Tomorrow morning is the deadline. Let's go, now!" She clapped her hands once in emphasis.

"Really?" Both Isla and Dillon were caught off guard by her answer.

Dillon knew better than anyone else how stringent his boss was, yet he accepted Sheryl's idea so easily. 'How incredible!' he thought. 'Sheryl must have some kind of magic powe

herly refused, too tired to even find a place to eat. "It's so late now, let's just go back and rest."

"Alright, then let me drive you back," Isla offered. This time, Sheryl didn't refuse.

When Sheryl got home, she took a quick shower and fell asleep immediately.

She didn't set an alarm for herself so she could enjoy some sweet dreams. It was Holley's phone call that woke her up. "Sher, it's time. Remember to pack your stuff and come to the company tomorrow morning."

"Alright," she agreed sleepily.

After putting down the call that woke her up, she put the phone away and tried going revisiting her dreams but even as she rolled around in bed for some time, she couldn't fall asleep.

She decided to get up instead with a weary body. As she walked down the stairs, she saw Amy keeping herself busy in the kitchen. The appetizing scent from what Amy was preparing drifted into her nose.

"Hmm… it smells so nice." Following the fragrant smell, Sheryl found her way to the source. Amy saw her granddaughter arrive and with an amiable smile, happily said, "This morning, I bought a fat chicken and cooked some chicken soup for Sue. Don't forget the ginseng from Charles, okay? Please hand them to Sue for me."

Upon hearing this, Sheryl was a little reluctant. She was more than willing to give them to Sue, of course, but it was a bit complicated. Sue was no longer living alone, now.

She wouldn't be able to avoid seeing Laura if she was going to visit Sue. If she met Laura…

After more careful consideration, Sheryl still decided to push aside her worries and visit Sue. In the end, she simply nodded and agreed.

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