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   Chapter 901 Out Of This World

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"Now I remember." Cary nodded slightly and said to Dillon, "Now that you mention it, I remember that activity was a big success."

Cary gave a contented smile and added, "They got a really good response that time. The people here today, are they from the same company?"

"Yes, they are," Dillon answered eagerly, heaving a sigh of relief at Cary's approval. "The design schemes provided by the other companies were all not up to your standards, so I decided to give it another go and let them have a try."

"Where is their design scheme? Let's have a look at it." Cary raised his head and said in a demanding tone, "Give me their scheme now."

"Sir, I'm s-sorry... They, uh, haven't prepared anything yet," Dillon stammered. Dillon's face turned pale as all the blood left his face. He looked at Cary's face timidly and said, "I just got in touch with them today and they haven't had time to prepare anything yet."

"Then why are you here? What is so urgent that you have to talk to me now?" Cary asked impatiently. He arched a brow, wondering if Dillon was out of his mind for wasting his time on such a small matter. He wanted results, not empty promises.

"Mr. Su, I can explain. Just hear me out." Dillon mustered his courage and continued, "One of the designers wants to meet you personally to discuss the details of..."

"Dillon, how long have you been working with me?" Cary interrupted. "Have you forgotten how I work? Don't you know what your priorities are?" Cary sighed in disappointment and looked at Dillon coldly. "You know I have a tightly packed schedule every day. How can I just see them without an appointment?"

Dillon was instantly demotivated by his words, even though he knew his boss was indeed a very busy man. Nevertheless, he was determined to persuade him because he was confident that Sheryl could prove her ability to him.

"I'm not going to meet them until they prepare a scheme for me. And tell them to put all their heart into the scheme because if they're all talk and no action, I can easily change my mind. Don't make me regret my decision." As soon as he finished talking, he turned his attention back to the paperwork on his desk. Dillon hesitated for a second before deciding to give it one last try. "Mr. Su, I have a note for you. The representative of that company t

d continued, "All I can say is, your idea is much better than the schemes given to me by other companies. That's what caught my interest."

From his words, Sheryl was sure that she had given him exactly what he was looking for. She smiled and said, "If that's the case, then I believe you will be even more impressed by the completed scheme."

"Let's talk more about your idea," Cary said eagerly.

Sheryl put her game face on, ready to show him her full potential. "I took a look at the other companies' schemes. It seems that they all had the same idea, to make the event as grand as possible. In the process, they forgot all about the main purpose."

Sheryl paused for a while to let her words sink in and continued, "Mr. Su, you are a businessman and your main intention is of course to make as much profit as possible, am I right? That's why I suggest you hold a charity auction. With this event, we can attract the wealthy to show their beneficence through it while at the same time capturing the media's attention. This will be a good opportunity to advertise your company for free as well. What do you think?"

"What do I think? I just have one question to ask. How soon can you complete this scheme?" Cary asked with concern.

Sheryl smiled and answered, "Well, if you're happy with my idea, then... by then you arrive at work tomorrow morning, you'll have the final scheme in your mailbox."

Cary was surprised by her promptness. He gave a pleased laugh and exclaimed, "Well, well! Charles' woman is really out of this world."

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