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   Chapter 900 The Post-it Note

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Sheryl narrowed her eyes and paused as she collected her thoughts.

"I promise, you don't need to worry about the money. Mr. Su said that the budget is no problem as long as you can satisfy him," Dillon hastily interjected.

Isla looked at Sheryl with a puzzled look, wondering what she was thinking. "Sher, what's on your mind?"

Now that she had gone here, Sheryl couldn't return empty-handed. She finally looked up at Dillon and inquired carefully, "Dillon, could you… could you allow me to see the plans of the other companies? You do have copies of the plans, right?"

Since Sheryl couldn't meet Cary directly, she had no choice but to look for clues from other companies' plans. Maybe by this way she could find something common factor among them that Cary disliked. Therefore, she could avoid such unsatisfactory elements in their own plan.

Isla had contributed a great deal to the company. Now that she was back now, she thought she should do something to lighten the others' burden, especially Isla's. Proposing a satisfactory plan would be a good start.

"Uh…" Dillon furrowed his brows, feeling a little awkward because of the unusual request that bordered on inappropriate. He, of course, had copies of these plans. Giving them to Sheryl, however, may be rather unconventional in the commercial field.

"Don't worry. I just thought I could use them as references. If you really don't trust me, I can look at the plans under your supervision. I just want to see whether my speculation is right or not. Maybe after I review those plans, I can find out why Mr. Su was unsatisfied," she explained faintly.

"Dillon, come on. You should trust us. We've already cooperated with each other for a long time," Isla urged Dillon on with a wide smile.

Hearing what Isla said, Dillon could only slightly nod his head in agreement. He still added, however, "I will agree to your request because I trust you. I can show you the copies. But I have to remind you in advance, if this is exposed, I won't take responsibility."

Isla replied with a big smile at his reminder. "Don't worry. If anything happens, I will take full responsibility."

Given Isla's assurance, Dillon went to his office to pick up his laptop. He showed them the folder containing the files and let t

he's not interested in seeing you, I won't have any option but to send you away."

"Don't worry," Sheryl reassured him. "If that's how it turns out, we'll leave right away."

After Dillon left to grant their request, Isla couldn't help but ask Sheryl softly, "Sher, are you really sure about this?"

Sheryl shook her head slightly and smiled lightly. "Actually, not really. I just have to pretend I'm absolutely confident so he does what I ask."

"Then how come you request that even though you don't have confidence?" Isla was dumbfounded at Sheryl's confession.

Sheryl smiled again and said, "As you once said, just try it. Maybe it'll work out, right?"

Isla's eyebrows shot up. She didn't expect that Sheryl would use her own words to persuade her.

Dillon felt so nervous that he clutched at the note tightly. After much hesitation, he finally knocked on Cary's office door. A calm but stern voice called him from inside. "Come in."

The secretary nervously opened the office door. Cary looked up at Dillon and inquired, "Oh, Dillon, how's the plan coming along? The proposals you handed in before didn't meet the demands at all. Have you found other qualified advertising companies?"

"Yes, Mr. Su, I came here to give you this," he replied, almost in cold sweat. He looked at his boss and said carefully, "Mr. Shen recommended a company to us. Do you remember the one he mentioned that successfully organized an activity recently? You raved about it. It's the same company I'm about to introduce to you."

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