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   Chapter 898 Negotiation

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Sheryl knew that parting with BM Corporation would not be easy. Nevertheless, she was a little disappointed with Holley. It was true that Holley and George had helped her a lot when she needed it the most, and she indeed was grateful. But she never thought that Holley would bring it up in this manner.

It seemed that they had been waiting to be thanked by her. This gesture did not go very well with her.

Sheryl looked at Holley and said, "Miss Ye, I'm so grateful to you and George for your help. I'll never forget about it. It's truly been a delight being a part of your team. I am ready to compensate as per the contract. I am aware that the way I am leaving the company is really abrupt. But because of the kids, I am left with no choice at all."

"So that means... you must leave?" Holley looked up at Sheryl with a stern face and asked. She narrowed her eyes and stared at Sheryl as she waited for her to reply. She knew it very well that it was futile speaking to Sheryl.

Sheryl had made up her mind to leave and now nothing could stop her. But would it be so easy to leave BM Corporation? How could Holley let it happen so easily?

Sheryl had a resolute expression on her face as she nodded her head slightly and said, "Yes. I must." She then brought a polite smile on her face and continued in an apologetic manner, "I'm so sorry for bringing the trouble to you and Mr. Han. I'm truly grateful for your understanding and help." Saying this she stared at Holley, praying inside her heart so that she could be released without much hassle.

No matter how calm and composed Sheryl looked on the face, she was really getting impatient and restless to get this matter settled. Holley looked at Sheryl expressionlessly. She was aware that Sheryl would leave the company one day, but she didn't expect it to happen so early. She sneered and said, "Well, it seems that you won't change your mind no matter what I say, will you?"

Hearing this, Sheryl felt awkward and replied, "I do want to help you, trust me. But I have no choice, so..."

She thought that she would be thankful if Holley could understand her, but if not, she would just let it be.

So she said to Holley, "Miss Ye, take care of yourself. Bye then." After a long time of thinking, Sheryl decided to go back to Cloud Advertising Company. Only when she was there could she feel so much alive. She was getting inc

t of acridness on Holley's face, at the same time another familiar face slipped into her mind. She shook her head to drive away the idea at once.

She paused and said, "Okay, take it easy. I'm going to do it well. More so just for leaving the company safely."

"That will be good." Holley was satisfied with Sheryl's answer. She said, "You can just take a day off for today. Go spend some time with your family and kids." Sheryl smiled and walked out of her cabin. After Sheryl left, Holley walked back to her desk, picked up the phone and dialed a number. "I've made an arrangement. You know what to do about it, right?"

"Yeah, I see what you mean. She won't be able to tell others about it after that, what she can do is just to swallow it." Holley coldly smiled and said, "But you have to make sure that I have to be out of this if something goes wrong."

Holley hung up the phone after she warned him about all the details she set up. And she stood by the French window and stared outside. Her eyes fixed at a distant gaze as she looked out and her face was solemn as if she was trying to envision something.

After stepping out of the office, Sheryl headed straight to Cloud Advertising Company. She loved being at this place more than anywhere else. And also, she felt relaxed being in Isla's company.

The project they worked on had been passed and Isla was always calling her and trying to get her involved in all kinds of projects and solving difficulties in design.

Having bathed in this kind of atmosphere, Sheryl began to find back the enthusiasm she once had for this job.

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