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   Chapter 897 Resignation

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"No, you can't!" Laura completely opposed to Sue's proposal. She patted her and said, "The only thing that you need to do is rest. So why don't you sit right here while I make up the room for you."

Laura started to unpack Sue's luggage. She carefully took each item and busied herself around the room, making sure everything was in its right place. Sue offered to help but she refused. Even though Laura belonged to an upper class family, she made it a point to do housekeeping for her husband and her son. Her willingness to serve them had made her a fast and skilled worker.

Unsure on what more she could do, Sue had no choice but to stay aside while she watched Laura work on her stuff. Sue was unable to hide the embarrassment on her face. "Take it easy," Anthony commented with a smile, trying to ease her anxiety. "Just leave it to her. She has been looking forward to having you around. You don't know how happy she is now that you've finally moved in."

Since Anthony mentioned it, Sue just stared as Laura continued moving around the room. Laura was busy with what she was doing, unaware of what they talked about. Finally, when she was done, Laura stopped and looked around for the last check. She patted her hands with satisfaction as she exclaimed, "All is done! Perfect!" Sue took another sweeping look on the room and she had to agree. It now looked like it had always been hers.

Laura went to the restroom and washed her hands. It was already time for lunch and she was excited to share one with Sue. She took her hands intimately and invited her to dine, "Let's go down to have lunch!"

Anthony watched his mom as she treated Sue like her own daughter. He didn't know how he should feel about being left out, when he was her true-born son.

Carlson seldom dined at home, but when he knew that Sue had moved in, he made sure he wouldn't miss today's family meal. Sue remained to be the focus of Laura's attention during lunchtime. She kept offering her dishes even after her plate was already full. Carlson frowned at this sight and he could not help but comment, "What are you doing? Look at her plate. It's already full! You are making her uncomfortable!"

Carlson's comments had made Laura feeling awkward. "I just think she is too thin, so I want her to eat more," she reasoned out. "Don't you think so?"

Carlson didn't reply. They continued with lunch quietly.

Meanwhile, in the Zhao family house, Charles somehow got the news that Sue had already moved out, therefore, he hurried to Sheryl's place to bring her home.

He also brought Clark to back him up.

"Why are you here?" Sheryl was unable to hide her surprise the moment she saw Charles at her house. He was grinning as he approached her and announced, "I'm here to bring you home, of course! Now that Sue has moved out, you can't stall me off any more!"

"Yes, mom. Daddy is right," Clark echoed. "Let's go home together. Okay?" His twinkling eyes were fixed at her as he waited for a response.

Sheryl could

ere either, but, I'm sure you are aware on what happened previously. We fired some employees because of Mr. Lu, so we are already short-staffed." Holly could not help but sigh. She didn't want to mention it but she had to get Sheryl to agree at all cost.

She continued with her case, "If Sue didn't turn out pregnant all of a sudden, we won't be having this discussion. You know that I can't find anyone more suitable than you. So I want you to do me this favor."

Holley came close to her and patted her shoulder. "Sher, I really have no choice now. Could you help me this time? Please?" she pleaded.

"Miss Ye, I'm really sorry. I can't help you." Sheryl made sure that her voice sounded firm. "In fact, the reason why I'm here today is because I want to submit my resignation. I would like to terminate my contract with BM Corporation."

"Terminate your contract?" Holley was stunned by her message. She anxiously fired her questions away, "What happened? Why do you want to resign all of a sudden? Are you not satisfied with your compensation? Has anyone treated you wrongly? No matter what the problem is, we can solve it through consultation. How can you just quit all of a sudden?"

"Miss Ye, it has nothing to do with the company. I need to attend to some personal issues," Sheryl explained. "You also understand my condition now, so..." she tried to persuade Holley.

"Sher, I understand your condition exactly," Holley interrupted. "But you need to know that a woman needs to be economically independent. You can't rely on your husband's grace! You need to have your own job! Moreover..." Holley's attitude turned tough. "We are in short of hands now. How can you choose to leave at such a bad timing? Don't you think that you are being ungrateful?" She looked at Sheryl coldly.

"Sheryl, Mr. Han and I have always treated you very well. When you joined the company, we welcomed you with open arms and accepted all of your proposals with a big heart. How can you forget our kindness now?"

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