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   Chapter 895 Come In

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"Alright," Sue held Sheryl as she said. "I know you care for me, I do. But you know Anthony, don't you? I'm afraid I can't stay here. I can always go to you if he shows any signs of not treating me well. You won't turn me away, right?"

Sheryl dragged out a long, helpless sigh. As she turned to Sue and held a serious look, she said, "Well, I won't keep you here if you've made up your mind.

I know you're still in love with him. You haven't talked about it but you've been missing him, right?"

Sue smiled affectionately. "You do know me best."

"Since it was your choice, I'll respect your decision. But…" Sheryl paused for a moment, looking at Sue with a heavy stare. "You have to let me know the second you feel wronged, if you ever do. No matter what happens, I'll back you up.

You're always welcome to come here if you feel like it. My home is yours now too. I'll always be here for you no matter how things turn out."

"I know." Sue enveloped Sheryl in a tight embrace. "Sher, I'm so lucky to have a friend like you in my life."

And she truly was. Sheryl's words were genuine, and she would always do everything in her power to keep her friend from harm.

"Silly girl," Sheryl teased.

That night, Sue packed her belongings. When she moved out of her apartment, she didn't carry many clothes because she thought she would be staying at Sheryl's place for only a few days. Most of her necessities were provided by Sheryl.

All that time, Sheryl had made sure to provide enough for her. She shared all she could.

"Sue, you can take these toothbrushes and other toiletries. I bought them for you, anyway.

I also have these two dresses that I haven't worn since I bought them. We're about the same size, so you can take them with you too."

"Oh and by the way, have you taken the vitamins I brought you before?" Sheryl added.

"Yes." Sue stopped her. "Don't worry about that. Sher, if you keep doing this, I'll end up leaving with everything in your house. Might as well put you in my luggage," she joked.

Suddenly, the mood shift

able and afraid that Amy didn't want him at the table, so he turned the offer down politely. Amy looked at him indifferently and said, "Do you dislike the breakfast I made?"

Her question had Anthony rushing to the dining table to reassure them that he didn't mean to offend them. When he sat down, he could see how Sheryl and Amy were trying to keep from smiling.

After they finished breakfast, Sue woke up. She was surprised to see Anthony right away. "How come you're here so early?"

"He's been waiting for you outside since early this morning," Sheryl said. "Come have some breakfast first."

When she saw that Amy was rather sad about the news, Sue felt a little sting in her chest. "Grandma Amy…"

"Sue, are you sure you want to leave?" She took Sue's hands in hers and asked in earnest.

No matter how much she loved Amy and Sheryl, she knew that she had to go. She nodded her head resolutely. "I've been bothering you for far too long. It's time to bother my kid's father. He should take responsibility at times like this," Sue smiled teasingly.

Amy shook her head and laughed as she heard the words. "You're still kidding even now," she sighed. "Seeing you leave… I'm just… I don't like it."

"Grandma Amy…" Sue smiled in gratitude and affection. "I'll make sure to visit you and rip meals off you often in the next days. I'll miss your dishes terribly."

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