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   Chapter 894 I Fear No Trouble

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Sue let out a deep sigh and stated, "You know Sheryl's temperament very well. If I suddenly tell her that I will be moving out, she definitely won't agree. You should give me some time to explain to her clearly."

"So that means, you do like to move in with me?" Anthony grinned from ear to ear at what he heard. "So I will just take it as your approval."

"I'm going now." Sue glimpsed at Anthony, and in her quiet amazement mused, "I'll call you tomorrow."

"Okay." Anthony felt so pleased that he couldn't stop himself from grinning.

Meanwhile, Sheryl had been waiting for Sue in the living room. She was worried because her friend never got home so late at night. She was about to give her a call when the door opened, and there she was bouncing gaily in the doorway. Sue seemed to be in a happy mood.

Sheryl closed in on the gap between them and probed her with a note of relief, "Why do you come back so late? Where have you been? Where did you go with Anthony?"

"He invited me to go fishing,"

Sue replied with a smile.

"Go fishing?" Bewildered, Sheryl wondered, "Why did he do that? Is he insane?"

"Maybe he just wants me to chill and relax. He wants to pacify my emotion after all the troubles that have happened to me." Sheryl was speechless for a brief moment when she heard the way Sue responded.

Tossing a glimpse at Sheryl, Sue whispered, "Is there any food? I am a little hungry."

"Yes... Yes! Come here. Let's go to the kitchen." Sheryl observed Sue with an expressed look of concern, and then went on, "Grandma knows you don't have appetite these past few days, so she went to the market this morning. She bought fresh chicken to make her chicken soup recipe. Shirley and I almost ate much of the chicken but, there's enough soup left for you. Do you want to eat some noodles with the chicken soup?"

"That will be great! Thank you." Sue smiled happily. She felt grateful.

About ten minutes later, Sheryl had gotten the noodles ready. She also made an omelet and some vegetables. The contrasting colors of the food made them look delectable and appetizing to Sue.

"Wow, the food looks delicious!" Her mouth watered even more when she snapped a glance at the noodles in Sheryl's hands.


a while and then awkwardly confessed, "I'm going to move to Anthony's house."

"What?" Sheryl was greatly surprised. That was really out of her expectation.

Sue tried her best to stay away from Anthony. Now, she was claiming that she was going to live with him. That was really confusing, so she inquired doubtfully, "Do you plan to sacrifice yourself to avoid making trouble for us?"

"No." Sue smiled warmly and confided, "Actually I have thought it over and have considered it lately. Just like you said, Anthony is the baby's father after all."

Sue held Sheryl's gaze and reassured her, "Moreover, I can feel his heart and his love for me after getting along with him for these past few days. So... I decided to give both Anthony and me a chance. My unborn baby also needs a father."

"But... Have you really made up your mind?" Sheryl tried to gauge Sue's expression. She was deeply concerned about her friend's welfare and gently prompted, "Sue, there is no chance to regret if you are decided to do this. But, it might have been too late when you realize your choice is wrong. So have you really thought about this clearly? Are you certainly sure about this?"

"I don't know." Sue shook her head helplessly and admitted, "I didn't think too much about the consequences."

"But I believe Anthony will not let me down. He will be an ideal husband just like what you once told me," she asserted with conviction.

Sheryl arched her brow and pointed out, "I did say that, but..."

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