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   Chapter 893 Promised

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"Come on now, please don't get mad at me…" Sheryl pleaded gently when she saw that Charles was frustrated. In consolation, she said, "I know I promised that I would move back when Sue's issue was settled, but… now something new popped up, and it's completely beyond anyone's expectations."

Still not receiving a response from Charles, Sue dragged out a sigh. "Sue's condition isn't very stable these days. Because of what happened, I'm afraid she won't be able to cope... I'm really worried about her right now. As her friend, I need to give her my support. Do you understand?"

"So…" Charles turned slowly to meet Sheryl's eyes. "When Sue's issue is settled, you won't have any excuse to not move back. Do you promise that?"

"Yes, dear. I promise you." With a tender smile, Sheryl confirmed it without hesitation. "I've also promised Grandma that I will change my name back to my original one in a couple days."

The news shocked Charles for a moment, but a genuinely happy and sweet smile replaced his startled expression.

"Good. I'm really glad to hear that. We should celebrate." Charles was delighted.

At noon, he took Sheryl out for lunch. After the meal, he wanted to have a leisurely walk with her to relax them both. Unluckily for him, he received a business call, which he answered begrudgingly. He had to cut their time together short and head back to work.

Sheryl went straight back to the Zhao family house when Charles left.

Meanwhile, Anthony took Sue to dine out as well. Knowing that Sue was in low spirits, he thought to take her to an area in the surrounding countryside for some fresh air. They drove out for over an hour before arriving at the spot, and Anthony finally spoke.

"Here we are."

"What is this place?" Sue asked. It seemed like a farm, with beautiful rustic scenery around them, but she wasn't in the best mood to appreciate the environment. What was on her mind still plagued her.

"This is my favorite place. I used to come here often, way back. The place always helped me clear my head." Anthony took her hand in his. "I'll take you to a good spot. I'm sure you'll like it. Come on." He tugged her gently.

Sue had no idea what Anthony was up to, but as he pulled her along, she somehow felt that the tension was leaving her bit by bit. Staring at his back, she thought she could relax and just trust in him, allowing him to lead her wherever he was going.

On the way there, Anthony was afraid that Sue wouldn't be able to keep up because of her physical condition, so he walked at a slowe

can't let them do you any harm. I can't allow them to hurt you even in the slightest way."

A bitter smile found its way to his expression as he spoke his mind. "I know Sher is your good friend and that she's very kind to you, but she's only a girl after all. She can't protect you all the time. Besides, aren't you worried about bringing danger and trouble to her as well? Do you want something bad to happen before it's too late?"

After Sue heard his words, her brows furrowed as she considered it. As a matter of fact, it had indeed been worrying her. She was afraid to get Sheryl involved again and was starting to plan to move out. He brought up her concern again.

Because she knew Sheryl's character of always being considerate of others and putting others' needs first, Sue knew that Sheryl wouldn't agree if she proposed to move into a hotel by herself.

But if she moved to Anthony's place…

"Please give me more time to think about it," she finally said with a frown.

"There is no need to think about it," Anthony insisted. "Sue, listen to me. They are desperate now. They'll try any means to get what they want from you. I don't believe they're above attacking and hurting you. It's better and safer for you to move to my place. If you're with me, they won't be so quick to go after you. I promise I'll do my best to protect you and your child. And if you move in with me, Sheryl won't be in danger either and she won't have to worry about you too much. Isn't that good for both of you? What do you think?"

It was still concerning for Sue. No matter how true Anthony's words were, it was a complicated situation. "You should at least give me some time to talk to Sheryl, okay?"

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