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   Chapter 892 Jealousy

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Sue shook her head. "I have no clue either. The police just called me. We'll find out what's going on after we get there."

"Wait for me. I'll get the car keys," Sheryl replied. After getting the car from Abby, she drove Sue to the police station as fast as she could. Just before Sue was to enter the main gate, Sheryl pulled her back by her arm in worry.

"Mimi, wait. I have to remind you." Looking at Sue in care and concern, she continued, "You're pregnant now. You have to put the baby first. No matter what happens, you have to stay calm. Don't get angry, okay?"

"I know," Sue agreed. Of course, she knew that she had to control her temper for the baby's sake. Still, she also knew that sometimes, things were out of her control. She had no idea what was waiting for her, and she couldn't anticipate how exactly she would react either. Driving the thoughts away, she stepped inside with Sheryl.

A policeman led them into a small room. He sat on one side while the two girls sat on the opposite side, feeling confined in the small space. They couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that Allen, who had always considered Doris a priority, would take her life. He had shown absolutely no sign of doing such a thing. It was astonishing news, as no one ever expected it to happen.

For formalities' sake, the policeman asked Sue some questions regarding Allen's recent behavior. Sue was as helpful as she could be as she told the policeman what she knew, which, unsurprisingly, revealed nothing about the motives behind the murder. After he was done, Sue had a question of her own. "Sir, you said that my brother has been accused of murdering Doris. Do you have any evidence?"

"I'm sorry. I cannot reveal our findings of the case to you," the policeman replied solemnly. "All I can share with you is that their neighbors heard them quarreling, after which, Allen ran out of the house covered in blood. Along with him was with your mother, Peggy. We're looking for them now. We called you in to get more details about both the suspect and the victim, and to tell you to inform us as soon as possible if you have any clue whatsoever about where they are."

After a pause, he gave her a strange look and continued, "Or… if they come to you, please do not hesitate to tell us. They are now suspects of a murder case and have the potential to harm you as well. For your safety, please don't hide them from us."

"How is that even possible?" Sue suddenly shouted in her disbelief of the whole situation. "I know my brother. He would never say 'no' to that woman, not to mention after she got pregnant. No matter how angry he was, he couldn't have killed his baby! It's a mistake!"

He was her brother, after all, and she knew her brother. He might have had the guts to commit some wrongdoings, but she couldn't believe that he was capable of murder.

"It is a possibility," he replied flatly. "A thorough investigation is being conducted. If he didn't kill her, we will not accuse him falsely. But he ran away, which makes him more suspicious. Why else would he run? Don't you t

d she scooted away from the man. "Get away." She shrugged his hand off her as she noted what his true intention was. "You aren't expecting an answer of 'I have' or 'I haven't'. You're just asking me to live with you, aren't you?"

"Yes I am," he responded frankly. "Don't you want to come back?" Her gentle nudges didn't drive him away but only made him move even closer and embrace his love. He asked with such eagerness in his eyes, almost like a spoiled child asking his parents to buy him a much-desired toy. Sheryl couldn't, or maybe even didn't want to escape. She relished in the warmth of his hug and childlike behavior, which she knew was only ever for her to experience. After indulging in his love for a while, she realized where they were and gently pushed him away. "Stop that. Others will see us," she said bashfully.

"This is my office. No one will see,"

he reassured her.

With slightly more force, she pushed against Charles. She almost couldn't fathom the stark contrast of such a strong and powerful man acting so childlike, but she did enjoy his affection. With conflicting feelings in her heart, she finally spoke. "Let's talk about all that after this incident is settled. Sue really needs someone right now... I can't help but worry about her."

Charles sighed heavily after hearing that and his mood turned low and depressed. Waiting was all he'd been doing lately because Sheryl's life seemed to revolve around Sue instead of him. With the way she was acting, it seemed to Charles that until she was absolutely sure that Sue was out of reach of that annoying family of hers, Sheryl wouldn't even consider settling things with him. In disappointment, he asked, "When do you plan to prioritize me?"

Sheryl's brows shot up in surprise. It was a startling question but she could sense Charles' frustration. She couldn't help but find it rather funny and started teasing him, "What? Are you jealous?"

Charles simply turned his head away and refused to respond. At that moment, he was a pouty child giving her the silent treatment.

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