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   Chapter 891 A Crisis

The Substitute Bride By Changdu Characters: 10040

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Anthony smiled profoundly and started confessing wholeheartedly, "Therefore, Sue, my love for you is pure and sincere, and I have made up my mind to be with you. I know I have made a lot of mistakes and have treated you wrong and I want to apologize for all of these that hurt you. I want to know if you are still willing to love me as you did like before?"

"I..." Sue paused as her voice trailed off. She smiled bitterly. If Anthony had said these to her before, her heart would be overjoyed. She would be blissfully happy.

But she could not bring herself to give him a response. She couldn't think clearly. Millions of thoughts were running in her head, clouding her mind.

She focused her gaze at Anthony and shook her head. "I don't know.

I can't think straight right now. I am kind of confused. Give me some time." Sue felt a throbbing headache as she tried hard to contemplate about it.

"Hey, no problem. It is alright. Take your time," Anthony reassured her, without a hint of disappointment even though he was turned down. He didn't want to push her. Instead, he soothed and comforted her, "I can wait no matter how long you need to."

"I want to go home." Sue bolted from her seat, came to her feet and then hurriedly walked outside. She couldn't wait to leave the place. She felt like she would have a nervous breakdown if she stayed any longer. The pressure was tearing her apart.

"I will drive you home," Anthony offered, almost jumping to his feet.

Realizing that he was also with his mother, he glanced at her who was sitting next to him. Laura threw him a knowing look. She understood what his son was worried about, so she suggested, "Go ahead. You send her back first. I need to walk around and buy something. You can pick me up later."

"Thanks, mom. I'll be back." Anthony ran after Sue. He broke in a cold sweat at the sight of the scene playing over by the door. Sue stumbled and nearly got her foot twisted. He dashed to Sue as if his life depended on it and held her, "Watch out! Are you all right? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"I'm fine." Sue shook her head. She was deeply touched by Anthony's kind gesture; his frightened expression, the concerned look and, the caring eyes when he ran towards her. This was the first time someone genuinely cared about her.

"Really? Are you sure?" Anthony probed, still worried about her. Finally, he was only assured of when Sue repeatedly confirmed that she was all right. He wanted her to stay longer but with her insistent demand, he could only send her to Zhao family house. "If there is anything you need or any food you want to eat, just call me. I'm on call 24/7. And one more thing, remember to follow the recommended schedule for regular pregnancy check-ups. I will accompany you to the hospital," Anthony reminded her when they arrived at the villa.

"Okay." Sue nodded agreeably. When she was about to open the door, Anthony called her in a voice soft with affection, "Sue..."

"What?" Su

Y City. He uttered coldly, "Is this Sue Wang? This is Y City Police Station. A murder happened in Sunshine Apartment last night. The victim is a female, pregnant for six months. Our initial investigations revealed that the suspect is Allen Wang. We need your cooperation in the ongoing investigation."

Bang! Sue was utterly shocked by the message and her hand shook uncontrollably. Her phone slipped off and fell down from her hand with a loud thud. But she could still hear the voice of the police coming from the phone, "Hello! Miss Wang? Are you still there?"

"I... Yes, I am." Sue managed to croak her voice which sounded broken. She tried her best to remain calm and curtly replied to the man on the other line, "Thanks. I'll go there right now."

Sue absentmindedly got herself dressed up. She was in such a hurry that she neglected to make herself presentable.

Sheryl was putting the breakfast on the table when she rushed downstairs. Sheryl greeted her, "Morning Sue. The breakfast is ready. I'm just thinking about waking you up!"

"I won't have it!" Sue cut in hurriedly. Her face was deadly pale. She then begged Sheryl, "Sher, could you... could you send me to the Y City Police Station?"

She was pregnant. She must be responsible for taking care of the baby. She wanted Sheryl to accompany her. She was afraid that something unfortunate would happen that would hurt her baby. She needed someone who would send her to the hospital just in case.

"What's wrong?" Sheryl was able to note Sue's desperate expression. She put down the plate and rushed to hold Sue, asking, "What happened? Tell me!"

"Doris... She was..." Sue sobbed, unable to speak coherently. She felt like her brain would explode. She tried several times to finish her sentence, "She was dead!"

"What?" Sheryl was so shocked that she gasped for breath. Everything was fine with Doris several days ago. Why was she dead all of a sudden?

"How? What happened? Tell me everything!" Sheryl asked anxiously.

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