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   Chapter 890 For Me Or For The Baby

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Anthony was not angered by Sue's words. He stared at her with a delightful smile and teased, "Don't forget that I have bought you. You are going to be my wife soon."

"You…" Sue was still not in the state of mind to take these words casually. She was indeed upset about this, but couldn't do anything to change the situation. Darting a cold glance at Anthony, she refuted, "I didn't ask you to buy me."

"Yes, yes, yes, you didn't ask for that. I did it out of my wish," Anthony continued to tease her. He enjoyed the short bitter sweet fight with Sue and smiled at every expression of anger on Sue's face. After a long time he felt peaceful and happy from within. It was evident from his behavior that finally he was contented.

But Laura didn't enjoy this much. She interrupted the young couple and spoke with a frown, "Let's eat something to fill our stomach. Sue hasn't eaten anything for a long time. She has to eat something for her health and for the baby."

"Good idea," Anthony agreed with a nod. Sue didn't say anything, so he turned to ask Sue's opinion, "What do you want to eat?"

"I don't want to eat," Sue replied impatiently. "I just want to go back now."

"Then let's go to Hong Fu Restaurant. It has really good cooks. Let's order fish soup for you. It's their special dish. It's popular, nutritious, and healthy." Anthony decided for Sue, completely ignoring what she had said.

"You…" Sue was so angry that she couldn't even find any word to say. It seemed that she had no control over anything anymore -- not even whether she wanted to eat or not. Hence, she just got into the car with much reluctance.

Sue could not decipher the reason behind the sudden change in Anthony. It was so quick and abrupt that it was unbelievable for her. The same person who had been so indifferent to her even when they were together was now so much devoted to her that he even agreed to pay an hefty amount of money just in order to marry her!

Anthony was so caring towards her that he booked the table and ordered the dishes on their way there, so once they reached the restaurant, the waiter would just lead them in and serve them the dishes straight away. He booked a private room, as he didn't want Sue to be annoyed by the noise of other customers eating there.

When they were eating, Laura kept filling Sue's plate with the meat, vegetables and desserts. She was so hospitable that there was no room for Sue to refuse. Though she did not feel like eating, Sue took a few bites.

Ever since she had become pregnant, she had completely lost her appetite for food, so she only finished a small portion in her bowl. She put down her chopsticks, wiped her mouth gently, and said flatly, "I'm full."

"So fast?" Laura questioned with a frown.

"It's Okay, Sue," Anthony said to Sue after exchanging looks with Laura and asking her not to force Sue to eat. "Well, if you don't want to eat now, that's fine. Later if you have appetite again, tell me and I'll buy for you."

Sue was unhappy with the answer. Though Antony looked happy and sorted, Sue was still fighting her inner dilemma. Her mind was restless and wanted a clarification. It seemed that Anthony was not going to talk about it anyway, so she started, "Anthony, I think we need

ble together. Don't consider yourself to be alone in anything. We are going to be inseparable. Okay?"

Her heart was melting into a riot of emotions at the sight of his gaze.

Sue could see his sincerity when he uttered those words, but still she had some questions unanswered. She wanted to know why Anthony did this -- was it for her or for the baby?

If it was for just the baby in her womb, then she would reject him without hesitation. It did not matter how much she loved him or how much she dreamt of having a life with him. If he was here for the baby, she would not be able to accept this at any cost.

"You… What are you so much worried about?" Anthony asked anxiously. He could almost read her mind in her eyes. He could sense the pain, humiliation and dilemma, though she tried her best to conceal her emotions. Then he realized that there was still something holding Sue back.

"Sue, now there are only three of us here. Feel free to say anything," Laura prompted softly when Sue hesitated.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally gathered herself and asked, "What… What exactly is it that suddenly made you say all these things to me? Is it because of the baby?"

"You can say that." Anthony nodded in agreement.

'So it was the baby and not me,' Sue thought. A slice of disappointment flashed on her face, but was quickly captured by Anthony who had been carefully observing Sue's facial expression. He realized how Sue had interpreted and hurried to explain, "Sue, listen to me. I didn't mean that.

It was because of the baby and not for the baby at the same time. You could say that your pregnancy gave me a precious opportunity to come back to you. In fact, I've been thinking about this for a long time, but couldn't figure it out. I was confused myself about what I really want and who I really want to be with. That was why I didn't look for you. However, I found myself so excited and exhilarated to hear about your pregnancy. All I was thinking about since then was to be back to you, to marry you and to lead a happy life with you and the kid. The baby did help me make my decision, but trust me, I have come for you, not the baby."

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