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   Chapter 889 Peggy Breaks Off with Sue

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Peggy couldn't resist the big smile that came up on her lips after hearing Anthony profess his love for Sue. This guaranteed her chance to get more money from them, of course, she was more than happy.

She stared at Anthony and happily confirmed his answer, "So that is to say, you will agree on my requirement?"

"Somewhat." Anthony nodded his head slightly. "But I have a condition," he added in a calm voice, and made sure he caught Peggy's attention.

Peggy was already grinning upon hearing Anthony's agreement, thus, she was caught off guard on what he just said. Did he just say that there was a condition? The change in her expression was too hard to miss. "What condition would that be?" Her soft and cheery face hardened as she waited for it to dawn on her.

"You have previously mentioned that a married daughter doesn't belong to her parents anymore," Anthony started as he stared coldly at Peggy. "Should I take it then, that Sue can just forget about her relationship with you if she marries me?"

Peggy seemed confused at what she heard. "What exactly do you mean by that?" she replied with her brows narrowed. 'What is Anthony talking about just now?' Peggy thought. As much as she wanted to marry off Sue to him, she didn't intend to disown her. Of course she would like to keep their ties, otherwise, it would be such a waste not to get a hold of her son-in-law's fortune.

She tried to read Anthony's expression and he looked dead serious on what he wanted. He wanted Sue to break off with her.

Anthony continued, "I would like to marry Sue, not her family. Of course, it will be my responsibility to take care of her once she becomes my wife and the mother of my kid. But you, what does that have to do with you? Sue's encumbrances?" The sarcasm in Anthony's voice resounded in everyone's ears. His words were absolutely offensive and none of them wanted to let it pass.

"What do you mean by that?" Doris couldn't hide her annoyance on what Anthony just said. "Why do you say that we are Sue's encumbrances?" she continued.

Anthony didn't seem to care less. "Aren't you?" he replied in a sarcastic tone. "You showed up at Sue's apartment unannounced and claimed it as your own without the owner's permission. You forced her to move out and stay at a friend's house instead. Now tell me, do you think you have not come across as Sue's encumbrances?

Clearly, if it's money that you want, I can offer that to you," Anthony said in a condescending tone, "but you will need to promise me that you will break off your relationship with Sue afterwards. Your presence is not even required at our wedding ceremony." His voice was cold and mocking. Certainly, he expected these comments would trigger this ungrateful

hony, stop. I have already made up my mind. Please just leave now with aunt," she said firmly, avoiding his eyes, and urged them to leave.

"No, I won't leave," Anthony answered in disagreement and reached out to her arm to stop her. "If we leave now, what will happen to you?" he said in a concerned tone. "You will end up with maltreatment again if they don't get the money."

Peggy, worried that Sue's refusal will result in her loss, hurriedly butted in and instructed Anthony, "Just take her away. From now on, I have nothing to do with Sue anymore.

I hope you're not forgetting our arrangement. If I don't receive the money tomorrow, I will chase her up again until you make the payment."

"You have nothing to worry about," Anthony assured her. "I always keep my word." He urged Sue to leave but she didn't want to move. She was such a stubborn lady.

In a fit of petulance, he straight out carried her. Did she really think he'd agree to leave her here alone?

Leaving her was not an option. Nothing good could happen to her here.

Sue yelled as she tried to struggle from Anthony's hold. "Let me go!" He ignored her words as he focused his way to the elevator, with Sue still struggling in his arms.

When the lift finally opened at the ground floor, a group of people patiently waiting was surprised with the sight. Sue felt embarrassed with the crowd's different expressions. So she had to bury her face onto Anthony's chest to hide.

His hold was firm but comforting. She could actually stay this way forever. As they approached his car, Anthony realized that she had already calmed down, hence, he joked over her head, "Is my hug comfortable? You don't seem to want to leave it now?"

Sue snapped back into reality upon hearing Anthony's banter. She immediately replied, "You are talking nonsense."

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