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   Chapter 888 Are You Selling Your Daughter

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Peggy snubbed, "Shut up, Doris! Can't you just eat your meal and stop talking?" Peggy glared at Doris and gestured her to keep quiet.

Doris sealed her mouth and lowered her head in resentment. Peggy smiled with a tinge embarrassment and said, "Sorry, Please don't pay attention to her. Doris is ignorant. If she said something offensive, please forgive her. I really hope that she didn't make you offended."

"Don't worry. I'm fine," Laura replied promptly. Albeit Laura behaved as if everything was alright, but in fact, there were several questions that came to her mind. The more she spoke with Peggy and Doris, she could not but mark a certain crudeness in their speech, attitude and actions. It made her wonder if it was a good idea to allow her son to marry Sue.

Peggy poured some fruit juice for Laura in a glass and continued with a smile, "Laura, the bride price you offered is nice. It's a luck number. I can see that you really treasure my daughter and I'm sure Sue will be happy in your family. You will all take good care of her."

After saying this Peggy paused for a moment and then continued, "But…"

Laura creased her brows as soon as she heard Peggy utter this word. She became skeptical about Peggy's next move. And as soon as Peggy opened her mouth, Laura's apprehension was proven right.

"I think Doris is right," Peggy continued. "You are so rich. It's improper for you to give us so little." Peggy added in the politest tone, "Just think what villagers will say when they know that the bride price totals only 880, 000. They all know that you are wealthy, so they'll think that you despise my daughter. This will humiliate both you and us." Even though Peggy was trying to be excessively polite and placing her sugar coated words in front of Laura, her greediness lurked behind each and every word uttered by her. And that certainly did not evade the eyes of Laura. She was terrified at the very thought that she was sitting with such a greedy family to discuss her son's marriage with their daughter.

Laura looked at Anthony with a blank expression. As she remained quiet, Anthony spoke, "How much do you want? Just tell us."

Peggy's face brightened as Anthony asked this question. In fact, in her mind there was indeed no upper limit of the amount of money she wanted. But she hesitated for a second as she thought that Laura and Anthony might just turn down her offer right away. However, the oppo

door and said, "Let's go. If Sue doesn't want to go with you, just leave her here. No need to wait for her anymore. Don't you feel ashamed of being with such people?"

Laura urged impatiently, "There will be no dearth of nice women for a decent and successful man like you. You don't need to stay here."

"Mother…" Anthony said with a frown, "That's enough. I can handle this alone. Don't make the situation more complicated."

"Anthony… How could you talk with me like this?" Laura looked at Anthony in the eye, her face turning pale because of her anger. "Don't you know that I did all these for you? Couldn't you understand my intention?"

"Of course I can. I know you did everything for me," Anthony answered with a bitter smile. "But this do-it-for-you has become your excuse for controlling my life and emotion. I have had enough. Could you let me make the decision alone for just one time?"

"Anthony…" Laura's face turned pale immediately and she said, "If I let you make the decision, you will marry her, won't you? But look at these people. They are not here to get their daughter or sister married. Rather they are here to sell her. I will never pay 2, 880, 000 for a woman from such a family."

"I will," Anthony said decidedly. "If that much money can help me marry Sue, I'll pay the money."

His words astonished not just Sue, but Laura.

All this while Laura was under the impression that Anthony wanted to marry Sue out of his moral responsibility towards the child that Sue was carrying. But she was indeed amazed to see that her son had fallen in love with Sue and wondered when it all happened?

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