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   Chapter 887 Bride Price

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The voices and commotion in the house were blurred in Laura's mind. She suddenly paused in her tracks when Peggy dropped the news to her on this fine evening. Her eyes darted between Sue and Peggy in utter disbelief. "You… Can you repeat what you just said?" she asked again. There was a small lapse of silence in the whole apartment as Laura waited with a bated breath.

"I said… she's pregnant." Peggy finally spoke. Since Sue seemingly refused to chime in, Peggy decided to tell Laura everything. "The child's father is Anthony," Peggy added as she looked straight into Laura's eyes.

Once again, Laura was in total disbelief. She was truly shocked by Peggy's words. "Is that true? What Peggy said is true?" Laura asked Sue for the umpteenth time.

A small frown made its way to Sue's face. She had never thought that Peggy would expose her pregnancy to Laura. Her hands fidgeted as she had no idea what to do or say next. Fortunately, Anthony inched closer to her just in time and answered his mother, "Yes, that's true."

Anthony gazed warmly at Laura. "Mom, you'll be a grandmother," he added with a gentle smile.

Laura's eyes appeared condescending at first, but she suddenly blurted out, "My son, how dare you! Why didn't you tell me earlier?" It turned out that she was overjoyed by Sue's pregnancy. She patted her son's back to offer her congratulations and then turned to Sue. Laura warmly held Sue's hands in her own and gently inquired about her pregnancy experience, "How many months of your pregnancy? Have you ever felt uncomfortable?"

Sue hadn't even answered her yet but Laura had already started talking again, and her arms were now around Sue's shoulders. "I still remember in the time of my early pregnancy, I had morning sickness every day. I felt badly ill as if bile was threatening to spill out of me," she reminisced.

After Peggy told her of Sue's pregnancy, Laura quickly and suddenly forgone her poor manners and completely ignored Sue's harsh words towards her, as if it never even happened.

Her face lit up with pure joy and excitement with the news. She even started to think ahead about the wedding ceremony. "As you are pregnant, the wedding ceremony should be put on the agenda as soon as possible. Wearing a wedding dress with a big belly or holding the wedding ceremony after giving birth to the child will be the topic of gossips. Thus, we need to hold the wedding ceremony as quickly as we can," she directly told Sue.

A small frown arched on Laura's face for the second time when she realized how much they needed to squeeze in short time because of the pregnancy. "Fine, I have to select a lucky day and book a hotel for the wedding ceremony as quickly as possible," she said after carefully thinking about it.

Even though Laura's mind was full of many fabulous ideas for the wedding, she couldn't help but worry about the limited time they had to prepare for it. "In such a short time, I am not sure whether we could book the hotel…"

Laura was so excited with settling and prepping for the wedding ceremony that Sue almost hated to interrupt her joyous ramblings, but she had to. She cleared her throat and said, "Aunt Laura, the child is mine and he h

you can see, Sue is now pregnant, so about bride price... can we have more?" Peggy finally finished what she had to say. Across her, Laura still ate her food with contentment.

At that moment, she didn't think too much about it. She simply thought what Peggy asked for was merely for the couple. She temporarily put down her utensils and turned to Peggy. "Don't worry. You can be rest assured that we can afford the money," she said with a gentle smile.

She glanced at her son and back to Peggy again, a proud grin etched on her lips. "Since Anthony had graduated from university, I began to save the money for his marriage. I hope that he can get married as soon as possible, so you can be sure that I will never treat Sue unfairly," she added.

"That is good. That's so kind of you," Peggy responded with a small smile of her own. Even if her facial expressions showed happiness, she was still a bit worried about the monetary matters so she asked again, "Laura, if I may ask you... how much have you prepared?" The dining room was quiet as everyone waited for Laura's response.

Anthony's mother had actually prepared a lot of money for it, but when she found out that Sue's family conditions wasn't good enough, she did not want to give too much money as the bride price. Thus, Laura cut down the supposed amount ten times. "Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand," she finally said, and smiled at Peggy.

She thought that the number was already outrageous and generous for Sue's family. However, Doris, who kept quiet during the whole dinner, finally spoke out. "Aunt Laura, are you serious? It will be nothing like enough," Doris said in a cold voice. "Everyone knows that the Xiao family is a famous and wealthy family with a high reputation. Besides, Anthony runs a company. Giving such a little amount as a bride price is definitely shameful if the news is spread out," Doris added haughtily.

At that moment, Laura was stunned and definitely shocked by not only Doris' rude words and manner of talking to her, but also because she had never thought that eight hundred eighty-eight thousand wasn't enough for Sue's family.

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