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   Chapter 886 How Much Sue Cost

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"How come you..." Sue seemed to have been startled as Anthony asked her about her pregnancy.

She had thought that she had covered it well and no one would come to know that she was pregnant. However, then she remembered that Peggy took her pregnancy as her trump card. How could she not play it?

She smiled bitterly and said to Anthony, "She seemed to have told you about that."

"Yes." Anthony nodded his head in affirmation.

Sue sneered and continued, "So? How much does she want this time?"

"Two hundred millions," Anthony replied in a casual tone.

"Two hundred millions!" Sue uttered each word slowly with amazement in her voice. She let out a bitter smile and said, "I'm worth a lot in her mind."

Sue pretended to be unmoved by the fact but deep inside she felt defeated as Peggy finally found a way to involve Anthony into this muck that she had so ardently tried to avoid. Even Anthony could sense that her heart was in pain.

He really wanted to reach out and take her in his arms to comfort her, but he stopped himself.

After a moment of silence, he looked at Sue with creased eyebrows and asked, "Why didn't you tell me about it?"

"Tell you?" Sue looked back at Anthony with a sterner frown. Sue sneered and said, "Is there any necessary to tell you? Can you put it back for me?"

Anthony frowned tightly and continued inquiring her, "Don't you really want the child so badly?"

"How about you?" Sue raised her eyebrows and asked, "Do you want this child?"

"Of course I do." Anthony spoke earnestly. "Sue, I admit that I was in love with Sheryl when I was with you. I even felt that I was staying with you just to vent my feelings."

"Cut it now! Will you stop it?" Repetition of the same words tired Sue. She turned her face away.

She believed in each and every word that Anthony spoke. But she was resolute to stay away from him lest Peggy take advantage of their relationship. She had no other way than to refuse him over and over again.

"Sue, please let me finish my words first." Anthony held Sue. She turned her face downwards to avoid eye contact with him.

He looked at Sue earnestly and continued, "I have been feeling guilty for you and trying to make up for you since yesterday. Then your mother broke the news of your pregnancy to me. Trust me, I never imagined I would be so happy on having a child. I felt as if I was on the ninth cloud."

Anthony looked at Sue, added, "I admit, I always thought that I was in love with Sheryl. But after you refused my offer to compensate, I felt that it was not Sheryl. In fact it was you. Much before I could assess my love for you had long surpassed Sheryl's. Rather, it was you whom I loved. I d

g on?" Peggy stared once at Laura and then at Sue. She frowned and asked, "Somebody gotta tell me. What's wrong?"

"Just ask your decent daughter." Laura curved her lips and spoke in a sarcastic manner eyeing Sue from the corner of her eyes.

Peggy realized Sue must have told something to Laura. She got frustrated that whatever attempts she made to extort money, Sue was ruining all her plans one after the other. Peggy turned to Sue with gloomy face and shouted, "What the hell did you do this time?"

"Nothing." Yet another indifferent reply came out of Sue's mouth. "I was just asking her not to come here again. Since I and her son have broken up, there is no need for her to come here anymore," she added.

"Did you hear that?" Laura snapped at Peggy as soon as Sue finished her words. "Just look at her audacity. What kind of an upbringing she has that she doesn't know how to talk with elders?"

Laura shook Peggy's hands off and said with a sarcastic smile, "I don't think there is any need to have a dinner together. Since we can't be in-laws, what is the point of staying here? I'd rather leave and save myself from being cold-shouldered."

"Dear, please don't go," Peggy pleaded. She looked at Laura with pleading eyes and requested to forgive her daughter's misdoings. Peggy realized that the top priority right now was to make Laura stay. She ccould consider teaching Sue a lesson later on.

She held Laura's hand and said, "Please have a seat. We can sit down and talk about it."

"After this, there's nothing to talk about anymore. Didn't you hear what she said before?" Laura sneered and said, "I will just take my leave now."

Watching Laura leaving, Peggy made her last and final attempt to stop her. She screamed out loud enough for Laura to hear, "She is pregnant."

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