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   Chapter 885 Quit Smoking

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When Anthony knocked on the door, Sue didn't waste any time and opened it hastily.

"Tell me what happened. Why did my mom come here?" Anthony asked with a frown as soon as he saw Sue.

"I don't know either. Please take your mom back home shortly. If she stays here, things will go wrong sooner or later." With an agitated look on her face, Sue shook her head slightly and smiled bitterly.

As Anthony was walking inside to talk to Laura, he was swiftly dragged by Sue. She spoke to him in a serious tone, "Anthony, remember what I have told you. No matter what happens, you have to claim that we are not romantically involved with each other. This is the best thing you can do. So, please! Please help me."

"Is that what you really want me to say?" Anthony asked her deliberately.

Sue suddenly felt dumbfounded in front of his dark eyes as he stared at her quietly and intently. But behind his eyes was an eagerness to tell her something. She felt like she would sink into them. Able to quickly regain her composure, she took a deep breath and replied, "Yes, that's exactly what I want you to say."

Anthony coldly pulled his hand away from her. He then looked away and said, "I'll do what I think is right."

Anthony approached his mother, Laura, and asked her, "Mom, why did you come here? Why didn't you tell me about it before?"

"Humph! Why son? Would you allow me to come here if I told you?" Laura replied sharply.

Anthony grinned. He then tried to persuade her, "Since you have already visited here, can we leave now?"

Anthony tried his very best to convince Laura. "Mom, don't worry about it. I'll handle the things between Sue and me properly. You will be satisfied with the conclusion I'll make. I promise!"

"No!" As Anthony tried to pull her out, Laura threw off his hands. Wearing an upset face, she asked coldly, "Haven't you solved it yet? Are you going to push me out? Now, I'm telling you. If you don't give me an answer today, I won't leave!"

"Mom..." Anthony grimaced. "Why? What is the answer you want? Just tell me and I'll give it to you right now!"

"Don't ever think of fooling

own and threatened in a deep voice, "Be mindful of your behavior!"

Sue knew that Peggy didn't dare to do anything to her right now. She snorted and walked out.

When she came out of the kitchen, Anthony and Laura were still arguing. She felt tired of the chaos and walked through them to the balcony. She wanted to breathe some fresh air and seek for a moment of peace. Anthony followed her immediately.

As she reached the balcony, Sue looked down only to see bustling crowd on the street, which made her even more fretful.

Anthony tried to soothe her by patting her on the shoulder. "Don't worry. The right time will make everything fine."

Sue snorted, ignoring his comfort. She asked him, "Give me a cigarette!"

She was not a heavy smoker. But when she was in a bad mood she would want to try one. She knew that Anthony was a smoker who always carried tobacco and lighters with him.

Surprisingly, Anthony shook his head as he didn't want her to do it.

"Why is that?" Sue didn't believe him. She went through his pockets carefully. However, she didn't find any.

"You... Did you quit smoking?" Sue found it difficult to believe the scenario.

"Hmm, almost!" Yesterday, when he learned that Sue was pregnant, he decided to quit smoking. He looked at Sue and told her, "You are pregnant now. For the sake of your health and the baby's, don't dare smoke no matter how sad and depressed you are."

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