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   Chapter 884 Laura's Surprised Visit

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"Really?" A happy smile lit up Laura's face when she heard Peggy praising Anthony.

Through the years, she prided herself for having Anthony as her son. She always felt that Anthony was so outstanding and so perfect that no ordinary woman could easily match him. That was why if other people openly expressed admiration towards her son, her heart was unfailingly brimming with overwhelming happiness.

"Of course," Peggy happily replied wearing a smile on her face. "When I first saw Anthony, I believed he is such an outstanding man, indeed a far cry from my son, Allen. He looks strikingly impressive. Honestly, my daughter Sue is so lucky that she can be with your extraordinary son. I don't worry about my daughter any more when she became Anthony's girlfriend," Peggy kept buttering Laura up.

Laura put on a big smile and pretended to be humble. "You are flattering me. My son is not so much good as you say. He is just worse off than some but better off than many."

Then Peggy stared at Laura and spoke out her confusion. "In-laws, what are you coming here for today…"

Hearing Peggy's question, Laura gave a wry smile and tentatively answered, "I come here because… I heard that they broke up with each other. Well, is that true? I want to know what on earth happened. All I know is that they're getting along just fine. Why did they suddenly break up? It is really quite confusing."

Peggy replied in a reassuring voice, "They just fall out with each other over something. I think they didn't break up at all. Don't worry." She then added, "But as you said, these two are young and always impulsive. They are more inclined to be aggressive when it comes to their misunderstanding. They don't know yet how to take family responsibilities at all. I guess, they should learn how to be calm or they should mellow out to work things out."

"Yes, that's true…" Laura said as she readily agreed with a deep sigh. "I came here today to ask Sue about what happened. If they don't have any intention to break up, why don't we just make arrangements for their marriage as soon as possible? A long delay means trouble. What do you think of it?" Laura explicitly suggested in a tone laced with excitement.

"I definitely agree," Peggy enthusiastically said while grinning. "Sue is my only daughter. I will truly be happy if she can get married to her Mr. Right and get accepted to your respectable family." Peggy nodded her head.

"Fine, we have made a deal. Actually, I really like Sue. She is not impulsive like other girls. And she also has good manners," Laura praised Sue with a happy smile on her face.

"Oh! That's right. My daughter is a good girl," Peggy answered in a h

xpression on her face. She felt a slight disappointment towards her.

Laura did not stop persuading Sue until her jaws ached. Sue, on the other hand, remained adamant and chose not to divulge the reason. With this, Laura was becoming unhappy about Sue's attitude.

"I have called Anthony up. He must be on the way here. Sue, love is not an easy thing. Now that you chose to be together with each other, you should be responsible for your relationship. You couldn't just break up so impulsively. It's unfair to both of you," Laura bitterly said as she helplessly stared at Sue.

Laura did not stop there. She seemed not willing to give up as she continued, "Today, I will seize this opportunity. We will talk with your family about your relationship. If you can manage to speak out a justifiable reason, then I will agree with you to end your relationship. But if your reason couldn't convince me…"

Laura paused for a moment as if to organize her thoughts and words, "If your reason fails to convince me, you have better get married as soon as possible. I still want to be a grandmother soon."

"Aunt, I…" Sue still wanted to make herself understood. But Laura didn't give her a chance to finish her words and immediately interrupted her, "Fine, you don't need to say anything now. When Anthony arrives, we will talk again."

Laura stayed silent after blurting out her last words. She was cold and aloof and not satisfied with the way Sue was behaving. So she began to ignore her.

Realizing that Laura completely disregarded her, Sue knew that she wouldn't listen to her even if she continued to give some explanations, so she just sighed in total resignation.

And the only thing that mattered to her now was her expectation that Anthony would take her side when he arrived later.

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