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   Chapter 883 The Visit

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"Look at you. What are you talking about?" Holley said with a dry smile and a hint of nervousness in her voice. She never expected her innermost thoughts to be pointed out by Sue so frankly. It made her uneasy to have her secrets thrown right back in her face because she wasn't going to admit having such malicious ideas. She felt embarrassment creep up her neck, and it pushed her to defend herself, "How could you suggest that? With all the laws and regulations in place, how could I even think to do anything illegal just to bring Sheryl harm. Take this with a pinch of salt. I was only curious."

Sue didn't respond but instead stared at Holley with a cold expression. Such an explanation was far from satisfactory for Sue, of course. Given the other's reaction, Sue thought she wouldn't get anything out of her at the time. Sue decided not to waste more time and to end the conversation. "If that's all, I'll go now."

Without another beat, she turned around and walked away. Being dismissed like that, however, triggered anger in Holley.

She thought about all she had done to try to ruin the relationship between Sheryl and Sue. She almost succeeded, but much to her dismay, it seemed that she missed something while executing her plan, and the two were brought back together once again.

And after all that, Sue, who was supposed to play a crucial role in Holley's plan, didn't seem to have any interest in helping her plot against Sheryl. It was time for new plans then.

Meanwhile, Sue was oblivious to the even greater thunderstorm waiting for her at home.

Back home from Anthony's office, Peggy was delighted. It seemed that things were going in her favor, and she had a strong feeling that the money she had been after would end up in her pocket very soon. As soon as Allen saw her arrive home, he rushed to her anxiously. "Mom, how did it go? Did the bitch agree to pay us the money?"

Peggy scoffed, "Since when did we depend on that useless woman to pay back the money we deserve?" With a cold face, she announced proudly, "I've found a much better solution. Just wait and see. This time, we will not only pay back what we owe, but also get a great deal back."

Allen's eyes widened with excitement. "Really?" His exhilaration shot up as he heard his mother reveal the new solution. Still staring at her eagerly, he asked, "Mom, how much can we get?"

"You shouldn't concern yourself with that," she retorted impatiently. "If ever your clever wife finds out, she'll stick her big nose in and demand a portion of it."

"Mom, Doris won't do that. She's not that kind of person," Allen stood by and defended his wife. "Are you referring to the sum to pay to her family? It was you who agreed to pay her, right?"

"Yes, it was me," she admitted reluctantly. "But it's for my dearest grandson. If she ever dares to give birth to a girl, she won't be receiving any more kindness from me."


Allen started, wanting to speak more on Doris' behalf but he hesitated and Peggy interrupted him impatiently. "Alright, rest assu

rather small house. It would be too crowded for four of us to squeeze in here, so Sue has moved out to live at her friend's place for the time being. She's such a nice girl. Now three of us are residing in this house."

"I see." Laura simply nodded.

"Why are you still standing there? Call your sister and tell her to come eat with us later," Peggy ordered Allen sharply.

"Okay, okay. I'll call her now," he agreed and excused himself to reach Sue.

When Sue first heard the request, she thought it was ridiculous and refused outright. However, when she heard that Laura would be there, she changed her mind and rushed to take a taxi home.

Back at the house, Peggy still wore a welcoming smile. "I was just talking to Sue about you the other day. We were planning to visit you sometime, but we didn't expect you to come by so soon. I'm sorry for your trouble coming over. I should've visited you first."

"Please don't say that. I wanted to come visit," Laura returned with a big smile.

"Yes, we are a family anyway. I suppose it doesn't matter," Peggy said with a smile of her own.

It was still puzzling, though. Even as she racked her brain, Peggy couldn't figure out why the woman would visit them. It seemed as though Laura had no intention of getting to the point anytime soon, so Peggy let her impatience surface.

"I'm still not sure why you've come, though," she probed.

After pausing for a moment, Laura sighed deeply. "You've probably guessed… that I've come to discuss the matter between our children."

Wearing a wry smile, Laura continued, "Anthony has always been a good son. He knows how to handle his own life, and I don't have to worry about him so much, ever since he was a child. It's just this… his marriage, that I can't help but worry about."

Having realized that Laura wanted to discuss the marriage with her, Peggy let herself relax and the tension in her shoulders eased. "Please don't say that. I've seen Anthony. He is a great and mature son indeed. I think he is a good boy."

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