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   Chapter 881 Giving Back

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"The answer is so obvious that I don't even need to say it out loud," Sue remarked. She smiled encouragingly toward Sheryl, relieved that they had finally sorted it out.

However, Sheryl's frown remained glued to her forehead. With a defeated glance, she disagreed, "That may be what I want Sue, but the reality is more complicated. Uh! Why did I sign that annoying contract with BM Corporation?"

A light bulb went off in Sue's mind and she asked Sheryl to confirm her realization, "So, you are just concerned about all the money you owe them if you break your contract early?" She kept her eyes locked onto Sheryl's waiting for her reply.

"Yes," Sheryl confirmed with a demoralized tone. It was obvious she had lost all hope.

Sue hesitated to let Sheryl know her idea, afraid that she would find it insulting or annoying. After a few silent moments, she finally mustered the courage to advise her, "Sher, maybe it's not my place to tell you this, but… I think Charles would be more than happy to pay for you."

"You know I am not that kind of person," asserted Sheryl in rejection of her advice. That was the reaction Sue expected anyway, so she didn't take it personally.

She took a few more moments to think of how to best put it.

Sue was aware that Sheryl was not that type of woman who would rely on a man to rescue her. She had no princess aspirations. In fact, she was an independent, confident woman who would not compromise her values regardless of the circumstances. Sue wanted to help her out somehow, to pay her back for everything Sheryl had done for her.

Her mind began taking detours onto memory lane, where she recalled some of the bad things she had done to Sheryl; all the troubles, the tears put even more pressure on her.

"But Sher…" she tried persuading her. In Sue's mind, this was the only way to help Sheryl out. "Charles is the closest person to you," she continued.

"Even so, I still don't want his money," Sheryl argued. She was getting irritated by Sue's persistence. So she had to set the record straight once and for all. "This is my own problem. I'll fix it on my own. I won't trouble anyone else."

Sue let out a deep breath and calmly talked to Sheryl, "I have always felt that you have so much passion for your work for Cloud Advertising Company. Even when you work overtime, you are still so energetic and excited, especially when you get a difficult task assigned. Remember the time you prepared breakfast for me when I was in the hospital? You didn't sleep the entire night before. Though you looked tired physically, you were so alive and positive that morning. Your passion, your zeal, and your dedication came out in everything you did. You are born to follow your dreams. You can't be constricted by logistics and paperwork. As for BM Corporation, why don't you just cross that bridge when you get there?"

Sheryl was speec

parking area, she started speaking, "Miss Wang, you are a very close friend of Sher's, right?"

"Yes," Sue confirmed. Wanting to further clarify, she added, "We have been good friends since we lived overseas. It has been quite a lot of years."

"Really?" Abby asked skeptically. With her eyebrows cocked, she went on inquiring, "But why do I feel that the relationship between you and her is not as strong as you are making it seem?"

Sue tilted her head inching closer to Abby and asked, "Miss Zhao, what are you implying? Please be straightforward. There is no need to hide."

Abby took advantage of the moment and, without hesitation, started threatening Sue, "Alright, since you gave me the green light, I will spell it out for you. I don't know what exactly you want from Sher, but I have to warn you. If you dare hurt her again, I will make sure you pay for it."

Hearing Abby's threat, Sue looked down and tried to hide her sarcastic smile. She had that coming. She then looked back at Abby and addressed her concerns. "Miss Zhao, I understand where you are coming from. I have done a lot of wrong things in the past but please, trust me when I say that I really have no intention of hurting Sheryl. I just want to pay her back for everything she has done for me and help her as much as I can. I am not a monster to still want to hurt her after everything that has happened."

Sue took a moment to regain her composure, as she was starting to take Abby's words to heart, and then reiterated, "I know better than anyone else how much Sher has done for me. All I want to do is repay her kindness. I really appreciate her presence in my life. How can you think that I am still trying to hurt her?"

Reluctant, Abby replied, "I don't know. Despite everything you're saying, I still can't trust you. After all, you have proven you can't be trusted. Actions speak louder than words, and yours have certainly resonated far."

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