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   Chapter 880 Hard To Choose

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"That's good to know." Amy finally took a weight off her mind and said to Sheryl with concern, "By the way, you should seriously consider the things between you and Charles. It's been a long time since you separated from each other. It must be hard for you both. So if both of you have made up your mind to be together, then why not make it as soon as possible?"

"Come on, mom! It's none of your business. Both of them are grown ups." Abby gave a hearty laugh to reassure Amy that she did not need to worry about Sheryl and Charles. Then she added, "Moreover, they are parents of two lovely kids. I am sure they take care of their own things."

"Really?" Amy was rather taken aback by Abby's words. She turned towards Abby with curious eyes.

Sheryl blushed at the thought of how eagerly everybody in her family wanted her to get back with Charles. But the very thought of it just made her feel like running away. She stood up trying to calm down, but seemed to be of no avail. All she could do was just to stammer, "If… if this is what you want to discuss with me now, then I think I am really tired and would like to go to bed."

Sheryl just rushed into her room without turning back to look at Abby and Amy even for once. Amy and Abby shared a glance with each other and broke into a smile. Sheryl decided to take a shower to calm herself down. As soon as she finished her shower, she received a phone call. As she answered the call, it was Isla on the other side, her voice bustling with joy and excitement, "I knew you would make it! Sher, Congratulations!"

The pitch of Isla's voice was so high that Sheryl had to hold her phone away from her ears in order to avoid the risk of becoming deaf. She had no idea why Isla was so excited.

"I knew you would make it!" Her voice got more and more loud and full of excitement as she kept repeating herself. After a while she just realized that it was she who kept on talking while there was a complete silence on the other side. Just to confirm that the line was still connected, she asked, "Sher, are you there? Are you listening to me?"

"I am," Sheryl replied in a nonchalant voice.

"Then why are you not replying to me? Aren't you excited?" Isla wondered.

"My dear Isla, since I picked up my phone, it is you who have been shouting at the top of your voice and congratulating me all this while. You didn't even bother to tell me the reason behind your excitement. I thought once your moment of exhilaration passed, I would take a chance to ask what it is that you were so desperate to share with me. So, may I ask now? What makes you so excited?" Sheryl felt a little speechless at first and now she finally got a chance to speak.

"Ohhh, I almost forgot to tell you. I was just too exhilarated. Let me tell you the most important thing." Isla took some deep breaths to calm herself down before she spoke. "The project you delivered got permitted!"

"Really! Are you sure?" Suddenly, there was a spring in Sheryl's voice as she spoke. All this while, Sheryl was in some sort of a daze. First, the deep passionate kiss with Charles, then being caught by Abby and at the end, Amy raising the topic of her getting back with Charles. Sheryl felt as if her voice had gotten lost somewhere. The news from Isla acted like a much needed force to pull her back to herself. At the onslaught, Sheryl found the news a little unbelievable. Her lips curled up unconsciously when she heard Isla. Then slowly she co

nd calm voice, "When you spoke about your thought on your job in BM Corporation, you just mentioned the penalty. Evidently, that is the only thing that you care about. Besides that, there is nothing else in that job which seems to appeal to you. Apparently, it proves that deep down, you just took this job just to make a living for yourself and your daughter. But I assume you have no interest in it at all. Am I right?"

Sheryl nodded her head with agreement and admitted, "Indeed, I can never think of myself as a model for the rest of my life. And you know that I am in no way better than the young models in terms of age. My career as a professional model has come to an end right away. If it weren't for Shirley, I wouldn't have been doing this kind of work for so many years. So…"

"That's it." Sue had only expected this sort of reply from Sheryl. It was true that sometimes you need an external voice to tell you the things that you already knew to give you a push in the right direction. In this case, it was Sue's voice for Sheryl. She said, "However, I observed your expressions when you mentioned the Cloud Advertising Company. It tells me that you love the job. I even saw that a sense of achievement and enjoyment just flashed across your eyes just now. You really love it, don't you?"

"I guess so." Sheryl uttered the words slowly as if she was clearing the mirror of her mind to see her own face clearly. She nodded again, looked Sue in the eye and added, "I have been working in that company since I graduated from college. In the beginning, I didn't know anything, had to follow my superior's orders and worked very hard every day, learning from my mistakes. In a word, I was really nothing then. But the more efforts I have made, the more experience I have gathered. At present, I am really good at it and have even earned a credibility in the marker. I may not be famous but I have good repute for my work. Yes, I love my job in Cloud Advertising Company much more than any words can ever explain. In my heart, I still remember how I burned the midnight oil to finish every task. How I felt alive when I submitted my projects and watched them turned into full-fledged business deals one after another that helped the company grow block to block. That sense of achievement! Can you imagine that?"

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