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   Chapter 879 Changing The Name

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Abby put down the fork and said to Sheryl, "Sher, you're not taking anything. Stop being so concerned about others. You should eat too."

"Yes, I will." Sheryl nodded her head in agreement.

"I am full," replied Sue wanting to leave since she sensed some hostility from Abby's side. This made Sue want to leave as soon as possible. "Sher, I am going upstairs. Take your time and enjoy the meal."

"Okay. Don't be in a hurry. Be careful and watch out for the stairs." Sheryl cared a great deal about Sue and didn't want her to trip or fall.

When Sue left the dining room, Abby said quietly to Sheryl, "Sher, I don't mind if you allow her to stay here, but..."

Abby frowned a little bit and continued, "I know you care about her and stuff. But you know what she has done to you in the past. Don't you feel uncomfortable with her staying here?"

Abby breathed a sigh and went on to say, "Are you not afraid that... she will turn her back on you and plot against you in the future?"

"Aunt Abby, I am certain that Sue is not that kind of a person." Sheryl smiled and there was no anger on her face. She knew that Abby was just concerned about her. Even though Abby's words were rude, her intention seemed pure. "It's just that her mood was off earlier. But she is a good girl and will not do that again."

"Sher, listen to me," Abby pleaded. Hearing about Sheryl's belief in Sue, she couldn't help but frown. Being determined, she continued, "You have a very kind heart and trust people blindly. Let's take Leila for example. She treated you unkindly. Don't you remember? You still chose to forgive them."

Abby sighed again and continued, "People say that a leopard never changes its spots. Similarly, it is hard to change a person's nature. How can you still believe Sue?"

"Because I understand her," answered Sheryl without taking her eyes off her meal.

"You..." Abby was somewhat agitated by Sheryl's naive words. She took a quick glance at Charles and said, "You don't care about this, do you?"

"Whatever her decision is, I will respect and support her," Charles said without a hint of hesitation. He cared for her, so he swore to stand by her through thick and thin.

"You two..." Abby looked at them and shook her head in disbelief. "I am so pissed right now."

Anger filled her eyes as she kept on eyeing both Charles and Sheryl. "You both make me look like a nosy woma

eeling inside her heart.

Having noticed Sheryl's discomfort, Amy added, "Sher, I know you're not feeling well, but you need to remember you're a member of the Zhao family. My intention is for you to live a peaceful and stable life with us. We are a family, Sher. I want everyone to know, my granddaughter is still alive and I have two lovely great grandchildren. This is all I want. I just want you to live with your real name and be happy. Would you satisfy me and grant me this small request?"

"Sher, please say yes." Abby, sitting on the other side, asked Sheryl to agree to this idea. "Since you lost your memory before, we could not do anything. But now you have restored your memory, I think it is better to change your name back. After all, you're a member of the family and the original name was given to you by your father, wasn't it?"

"Grandma, I will need some time to think about it." Sheryl seemed to be a little overwhelmed. Looking at Amy, she could not decide what to say. She knew it would be rude to turn down the request at once. But at the same time, something stopped her from agreeing. Hence she decided to ask for some time.

Amy nodded her head gently and said to Sheryl, pleasantly and sincerely, "I want to see you live a happy life. If you think changing the name is not something you want to do then you are free to refuse. I am completely okay with that."

"Grandma, I will think about it. Thank you for being so patient with me." Sheryl smiled at Amy and went on, "It's just that I am a little shocked. I haven't had the time to think it over. Time is all I need."

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