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   Chapter 878 Please Pay Attention To Surroundings

The Substitute Bride By Changdu Characters: 9553

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"What… what do you want to do?" There was a sudden pink glow on Sheryl's cheeks and sparkle in her eyes. She could not stare into Charles' eyes consistently. She lowered her eyes, feeling shy and nervous at the same time. She then gave him a soft nudge and spoke, lowering her voice, "Just stop it now. Stand up, okay?"

"Sher, you are so beautiful," Charles just ignored her words as he spoke in a deep voice and seized her hands. He kept flirting with her by softly brushed her palm with his fingers and looked into her eyes lovingly.

Sheryl blushed again and lowered her eyes hastily. She then glanced at Charles and whispered softly, "That's enough. Grandma will come out soon."

"So what…" Charles answered with a shrug, keeping his gaze fixed into her eyes. Sheryl tried to shove Charles back. But he even didn't budge. His entire body was pressed against her like a huge mountain. Secretly, Sheryl loved the feel of his body against hers. Hence all her resisting gestures fell flat very quickly and she found herself giving in to Charles very soon.

Charles placed his hand on Sheryl's head and gently smoothed her hairs back and spoke in a soft voice, "We are a legally married couple. Why couldn't we canoodle with each other?"

"Who is your legal wife? I don't think it's me," Sheryl replied in a sour voice. "I think it's Autumn who is actually your legal wife. Please don't forget that I am Sheryl," Sheryl unconsciously challenged Charles. She stole her eyes, giving a naughty smile.

Her words irked Charles. He narrowed his eyes out of rage and stared at Sheryl, "Sher, are you… are you challenging me now?"

But Sheryl maintained her impish smile at the corner of her lips without saying anything. She lowered her head slightly.

Charles could not hold it any longer. Immediately, he pinned her hands over her head and fixed her body under him. Suddenly, Sheryl realized that she had made him angry. But before she could open her mouth to beg for mercy, he immediately lowered his head and blocked her mouth with a passionate kiss.

Then he gently lifted her pretty face and kisses landed on her head, eyes and nose. Finally, he couldn't hold his emotions and kissed her mouth. He had been dreaming of this moment and now he felt fulfilled as he could love her the way he wanted to.

"Mm…" Sheryl's voice was blocked by his kiss. In the beginning, Sheryl felt that it was not an appropriate time and place. But the emotions and feelings brought by the kiss were so overwhelming that she couldn't help throwing her arms around his neck.

Charles held Sheryl tightly, ignoring her slight resistances. He fixed her tightly in his hug and kissed her fondly. Gradually she stopped struggling and stared dazedly at Charles who had already closed his eyes and enjoyed their kiss. His face so close and his eyes closed in a d

r head slightly. Sue turned towards Sheryl and said, "I don't know why, these days, I always feel extremely tired and fall asleep easily." She then sat up on the bed and rubbed her eyes with her hands.

Sheryl placed her hand on her shoulder and replied with a smiling face, "It is normal during your early pregnancy. I felt the same way when I was pregnant. Come, let's go for dinner. Everyone is waiting for us."

"No, thanks," Sue shook her head and declined. "I have no appetite to eat anything. Leave me alone. Please go and enjoy your dinner," Sue continued.

"Sue…" Sheryl said with furrowed brows. She sounded stern this time. She paused for a while and spoke again with a compassionate voice, "I understand the last few days have been extremely tormenting for you. But you can't allow them to affect yourself. You still need to take care of yourself. Don't push yourself so hard. No matter what happened, your only priority right now is your baby."

She touched Sue's belly softly and continued, "You need to give up all of your previous eating habits. You should work and rest in a healthy and regular manner. You can starve yourself but not your kid."

Sheryl smiled and keeping persuading her, "So how about we go downstairs and… eat something? Even if you don't have an appetite, you have to eat properly for your kid's sake. What do you think of it?"

"Fine." Sue finally nodded her head and accept Sheryl's suggestions.

Just when Sheryl and Sue came downstairs, Shirley and Clark were already seated on the dining table. Charles had left the seat beside him for Sheryl. But Sheryl was busy taking care of Sue. All her attention was on Sue. In fact she herself ate very scantily.

Abby knew what Sue had done to Sheryl before. Although Sue's previous actions didn't bring too much harm to Sheryl, but Abby still felt slightly uncomfortable seeing Sheryl treat Sue so kindly.

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