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   Chapter 877 Bring A Message

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The bright sunlight bounced off the sterile white walls of the hallway. It was quiet and peaceful, save for a few voices talking by the door.

"Grandma, I will handle it," Charles told Amy. "Shirley told me she's a little hungry," he added.

"Okay. I'll cook for her right now." Amy nodded and went inside the room.

Charles simply took a glance at Anthony and then asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm not here for Sheryl," Anthony explained as he felt Charles' hostility towards him.

"I heard Sue is pregnant with my baby. So… I want to visit and talk to her," he continued.

Charles had no idea that Sue was pregnant. However, he had heard some stories about them. He sneered at Anthony's response and said, "Talk? Talk about what?"

"I..." Anthony paused. He had to admit that he was taken aback by Charles' aggressive questioning.

"Anthony, if I were you, I wouldn't be here. Instead, I would try to help her solve her problems right now. If you can't do it, then you don't deserve to talk to her," Charles said in a serious tone after a while. However, this was not the response Anthony seemed to expect.

"Who do you think you are?" Anthony questioned him. He was pissed off by Charles who just tried to lecture him. "What do you know about Sue and me? You know nothing! Don't ever think that you can judge me!" he angrily shot back.

"I don't know much exactly," Charles started. "But at least I know she almost went crazy because of what happened in her family. I know her mother asked for money from her, and her dear brother even beat her. I also promised Sheryl to solve the mess for her. But how about you? What have you done?"

The cold voice of Charles responded icily in return as his eyes regarded Anthony with contempt. He stepped closer to the man across him and added, "I don't want to know your relationship with Sue, but she is not in the mood to deal with you now. You better leave right away!"

After hearing Charles' accusations, Anthony went deep in thought and suddenly realized that Charles was right. He had done nothing for Sue, whether as her friend or the father of her baby.

"So... Is she alright now? And is the baby all right now?" he asked in an embarrassed voice. Anthony felt guilty after Charles' interrogation. How could he not? He didn't deserve to meet Sue because the accusations against him were true. However, it didn't mean that he would give up the attempt to know how she was doing now.

"I don't know either. I just came here," Charles admitted as he scratched his head. Upon seeing Anthony's vexed expression, he tried to console him by saying, "But I'm sure she will be fine since Sheryl and Amy are taking care of her."

"That is great!" Relief flooded Anthony's response. He looked at his companion in the eye and reassuringly said, "You are right. I don't deserve to meet her right now. But... I will prove that I'm trustworthy through my actions!"

"I hope that you are not just saying that." The thick eyebrows of Charles shot up dubiously as he commented.

"I'm not just saying that, I promise!" the father of Sue's baby said in a firm tone to dispel Charles' worries about him. Strangely enough, something melted his heart and made him feel soft and t

les could have some privacy together.

"See! Once you are here, Sue is scared away!" Sheryl looked up at Charles and teased him, her eyes filling with mirth.

"Humph! I'm not finished with you!" Charles said in an aggravated voice and pretended to be angry at her. His voice seemed even more demanding when he asked, "Tell me, why were you so happy when you heard Anthony's statement!"

"I..." Sheryl stammered, her face flushed red in embarrassment. "I'm happy for Sue," she finally answered in a low voice.

"Did you see she was happy? Why were you happy for her while in fact she was not happy?" At her response, Charles appeared to get even angrier.

"What? Are you mad at me?" Sheryl asked and tried to comfort him with a hug, as she stared at his angry but still handsome face.

"Mad? Of course not!" Charles simply scoffed, denying the accusation.

"Take it easy. I can explain," Sheryl said carefully. The only thing she could do now was to tread cautiously with her next words in order to appease him. "I just thought that Anthony finally grows up and is willing to take responsibility. I felt happy for Sue. She has been waiting for this day for too long. I didn't think about others, only Sue. Don't be mad at me!" Sheryl reasoned and looked at him with pleading eyes.

Charles' brows shot up in curiosity when he saw her anxious face. "Really?" he asked her in a teasing voice.

"Of course it's true!" Sheryl's voice was solemn as she spoke out sincerely. She didn't realize that Charles was only making fun of her until she saw his wicked smirk.

"You! How can you do that? You're playing with me again! I'll punish you!" Her eyes widened as she accused him. Sheryl pounced on Charles and pushed him back on the sofa, with his body trapped under hers. However, in the next moment she was quickly flipped and pinned down by Charles. This time, he was the one on top of her.

Their eyes locked together for a while before Charles slowly leaned down. Sheryl saw his face inching closer and closer to her own, until she could almost feel his breath on her lips. Her heart pounded so fast that it could almost come out of her rib cage.

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