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   Chapter 876 The Bride Price

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8690

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Anthony looked at Peggy in an indifferent manner. "Even though it's easy for me... why should I give you the money?" Anthony said in a cold voice.

Then he removed his eyes from her and pretended to be busy. He poured some tea for himself and asked, "I think I have made it clear to you that Sue and I are just friends. How come you expect me to marry her? That's impossible! And moreover, we won't even connect with each other any more. So I don't understand why you think it's my duty to give you money." He shrugged his shoulders and let out an indifferent laugh.

He cast a contemptuous glance at Peggy and added, "And even if I really get married to Sue, why should I give you such an exorbitant amount of money? And moreover, even Sue will not approve of me giving money to you. If she comes to know about it, she will be furious, won't she?"

Peggy stared at Anthony with cold eyes and said, "You can't fool my aging eyes so easily Anthony. I know it has been the dual effort between you and Sue to hide your relationship from me. But I am not stupid. Anybody who has even seen the two of you together can tell that the way you get along with each other is not how 'just friends' as you say you two are."

Peggy let out a sarcastic laugh and sneered, "Moreover, now that Sue is pregnant, you can't hide it any more." "What are you talking?"

Anthony almost jumped out of his seat and blurted. "Is Sue pregnant? How can it be possible?" He stared at Peggy with creased eye brows.

"You should know it better than me," Peggy said with a cold smile. Anthony looked very worried all of a sudden. Peggy watched each and every facial expression on his face very minutely. Then her face broke into a knowing smile. She had no doubt that Sue and Anthony shared an intimate relationship.

Marking the ongoing dilemma in Anthony's mind, Peggy placed her cards tactfully and diligently. "Anthony, you are going to be a father soon. Hence, you have to get married with Sue. At least for the sake of the child. Isn't it?" Peggy smiled coldly and added, "I can help you to ease out on the idea of giving this money to me. You can just regard it as the wedding gift for Sue."

"Is Sue really pregnant?" Anthony asked in an unbelievable tone. He could feel this heart beating faster than usual. Though he did not want to believe in what Peggy said, but in one corner of his heart, he could not even deny it completely. He took some deep breaths to calm himself down.

"Of course." Peggy frowned and said in a very polite manner, "I'm not kidding about such a serious matter."

Anthony frown

s feeling helpless. How could he explain that he never meant harm to anyone! He had come here because he wanted to take responsibility of his unborn child that Sue was carrying.

He could not deny that there was truth in Amy's words. Every trouble that came along the way for both Sheryl and Sue was caused by him. And he should face the consequences of it no matter how terrible it was.

"I want to give you a suggestion." Amy glanced at Anthony and added, "You can only end up doing more harm to them if you come close to them. You have promised Sheryl that you would leave this city in three months, right? So before you leave, don't show up before them. I believe Sue will be fine as long as you keep away from her."

"Oh! What happened?" Anthony had just opened his mouth to reply to Amy when Charles' voice cut through their conversation. Charles had just picked up his two children from their school and came to drop Shirley home.

He didn't expect to see Anthony to be in the Zhao family house. He was surprised beyond words. He remembered he had warned Anthony not to show up before Sheryl. Clearly Anthony didn't take his words serious. Charles looked at his face with a stern look.

Then he looked down at Clark who was standing there holding Shirley's hand. "Clark, go inside with your sister," Charles said to Clark. Clark followed his father's command and took steps inside the house holding his sister's hand. Anthony's eyes softened as he saw Shirley after such a long time. He just opened his mouth and wanted to say something to Shirley. But she followed Clark to enter the room without sparing even a glance at Anthony. Anthony's eyes became gloomy as he watched Shirley being so indifferent towards him.

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