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   Chapter 875 All The Aces

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Sue rushed to reach the underground car park as Laura followed her.

Seeing Sue coming from the exit of the building, Sheryl opened the car door but shut it quickly the moment she saw Laura appear from behind.

Despite the fact that she had cleared everything between Anthony and her, Sheryl made up her mind that she didn't want to have any association with his mother, Laura.

"Sue, wait a second…" Laura hastily ran. As soon as she reached Sue, she pulled her by the arm and asked, "Tell me exactly what happened. I will help you resolve it."

"Aunt Laura…" Sue stepped back a couple of steps where she felt safe. She shook her hand off and then looked at Laura briefly while saying blandly, "We broke up simply because we felt that we couldn't make a good couple. There was nothing else aside from that."

Staring coldly into Laura's eyes, she hesitated but continued, "Moreover... I'm indeed not good enough for him, right?"

"No, please don't say that Sue," Laura rebutted with a frown. It was not far from her knowledge that Sue was blaming her. "I admit that I thought of a better girl for Anthony than you. But, after knowing you more, I began to understand that you are indeed a nice girl for my son. Having decency and having a clean family background are the two criteria for my daughter-in-law. I believe you have those. As for the financial aspect, I don't care much about that."

Laura smiled wryly and defended, "If not, why would I stop Sheryl and Anthony?"

A trace of an uncertain smile appeared on Sue's face at the mention of Sheryl. Without directly answering Laura's question, she switched the topic back to her interest. "Aunt Laura, it is now impossible for Anthony and me to get back together. I believe that Anthony can find a better girl for himself. And, I know you'll like her. Aunt Laura, I am busy now, so I have to go."

She didn't wait for Laura's response. Instead, she turned around the moment she finished her sentence. Turning a deaf ear while Laura was calling her, she didn't bother looking back.

"Let's go," Sue said to Sheryl when she got into the car. Shooting a glance at Laura, Sheryl asked, "She is still standing there. Should we just leave?"

"Yes," Sue replied. She was so tired of Anthony and his mother so she didn't want to involve herself with their family anymore. "Anthony an

"We are a family now. What's the difference between lending and donating?"

"I'm sorry? Did you say, 'a family'?" Anthony asked in confusion. "Then... is Sue aware of the fact… that you have come today?"

"Oh, Sue?" Peggy sneered, "Why would I let her know? If ever she learns about it, she will definitely do everything she can to prevent me from coming here."

Anthony looked at Peggy unemotionally and asked, "Aunt Peggy, how… How much do you want?"

"Two million. I want two million," Peggy stated without any hesitation as if she were asking for only a small favor.

She certainly would not let the chance of exploiting Anthony for money slip by. She had to be fast. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to get even a cent after Sue told everything to Anthony.

'That disobedient girl thought that she could outplay me with the help of Sheryl,' she thought. 'How naive she is!'

"Two million?!" Anthony was astonished by this huge number. Staring at Peggy skeptically, he asked, "Aunt Peggy, are you kidding me?"

"Of course not," answered Peggy. She now had all the aces in hand, so she continued in a very firm and confident tone, "I have thought about it. Two million is a quite reasonable number. If you want to marry Sue, isn't your duty to treat your mother-in-law as your own mother? What are you stunned about giving me two million? Plus, I have observed your company. Being the owner of such a big company, you should have made a great deal of profit. How difficult it is for you to give me two million? That's not even half of your earnings."

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