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   Chapter 873 Both Hard And Soft Ways Are Needed

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Peggy looked at Sue with pleading eyes and begged, "Child, I know you have suffered a lot. But you should also think about me, your mother. Please help me. I promise this will be the last time. When this matter is settled, I won't cause any more trouble for you."

Sue began hesitating as she heard Peggy's words. She didn't know whether to believe her mother or not.

Luckily, Sheryl was much calmer than Sue. She glimpsed at Peggy and said indifferently, "Aunt, we all know you are facing difficulties, but have you ever thought about your daughter's difficulties?"

Peggy arched a brow when she heard Sheryl's words.

She glanced at Peggy and added, "Fine, I'll call the usury lenders and ask them not to charge the interest. You should return the five hundred thousand. Only this way, can the matter be settled."

She paused for a moment to think and then added, "We can only offer appropriate money for Allen's wedding, but not as much as you asked for. After all, marriage is supposed to based on love, not money. And it is not Sue's responsibility to pay for Allen's wedding."

"You..." Peggy stammered out of anger. Peggy was annoyed with Sheryl because a moment ago Sue was beginning to sympathize with her and now she was siding with Sheryl.

Peggy frowned ignoring Sheryl and said, "Sue, it's so hard for your brother to find a girl willing to marry him. I can't destroy their wedding plans because of money, otherwise, he will resent me for the rest of my life."

"Mom, you don't have to pretend to be so sad," Sue said with a sigh. If Sheryl hadn't been there to stick up for her, she would have been deceived by Peggy once again.

Sue looked at Peggy and added, "Sher is right. Marriage is not based on money. I really appreciate that Doris is willing to marry Allen and I will do my best to help her in the future if that's what she wants. But, she shouldn't be asking for so much money as a wedding gift. I can't help but doubt her real intentions

asked in a polite manner.

"I need to see Anthony," said Sue. The receptionist was a little taken aback when she heard Sue address the boss by his first name.

"Have you made an appointment?" she asked politely.

Sue considered for a moment and realized that she had just called Anthony, which couldn't be counted as an appointment. So she shook her head and said, "I didn't make an appointment, but..."

However she was interrupted by the receptionist before she finished her words. "Sorry, Madam. You are not allowed to enter Mr. Xiao's office if you don't have an appointment with him. You should leave now."

Sue gave a bitter smile. She didn't expect to meet so many difficulties in seeing Anthony.

She exited the building and dialed Anthony's number, telling him that she was at the gate of his company and needed to speak with him. A moment later, the same receptionist came timidly to Sue. "Excuse me, are you Miss Wang?"

"Yes, I am." Sue nodded her head slightly.

The receptionist's face turned pale out of shock and nerve. She then apologized, "I'm sorry I didn't know you were Mr. Xiao's friend. Please follow me. I'll take you to his office now."

"That's all right, thank you," Sue answered calmly. She didn't blame the receptionist because she understood she was just doing her job.

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