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   Chapter 872 Force Her Way

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As a granddaughter, Sheryl had rarely seen Amy getting furious at someone. However this was not the first time she witnessed her grandma getting enraged to such an extent. The last time she saw this face of Amy was the time when something happened between her and Charles. Amy had always been gentle and good-tempered, and would not be triggered unless someone had really done something severely offensive. Apparently, Peggy had irked her beyond her point of tolerance.

For a moment, a slight sense of embarrassment flashed on Peggy's face. However, she very promptly shrugged it off and asked confidently, "This is our family matter. How does it matter to you?"

Amy jeered and retorted, "The place where you are standing right now is my house. You have come to my house and yelled to my granddaughter. And now you are childish enough to say that it has nothing to do with me!" Amy looked at Peggy from head to toe. She needed no more clue to understand where she was coming from. She cast a disgusted look at her and warned her harshly, "Let me tell you something. You better move your ass off now, or else I will show you no mercy."

"You old jerk…" Hearing her threat Peggy became all the more defiant and uncourteous. She showed no respect for the old lady. As she was about to hurl some more curses at her, Sue's voice cut through their conversation as she walked down the stairs. "Clean your dirty mouth before you talk!"

Peggy stared at Sue and spoke in a sarcastic manner, "Well, I thought you were going stay inside forever." Peggy continued hurling her daunting remarks on Sue, "I can see how easy and convenient it is for you to just hide behind this old woman, isn't it? Why did you even bother to come down?"

"Didn't I ask you to rest in your room? Why did you come out?" Sheryl questioned Sue as she looked at Sue with creased eyebrows.

Amy, too, frowned at Sue, thinking that now it would be even more difficult to make Peggy leave.

"How can I really take rest?" Sue gave a crocked smile and continued, "Moreover, this is something between me and her. How can I… just hide behind the two of you and escape from it?"

"That's no big deal for us. You need not to come in between. Just go upstairs," Sheryl replied gesturing Sue to go back to her room. However, Sue seemed to have made up her mind to confront her mother. Despite Sheryl's repeated requests for her going back to the room, Sue stayed there, unwilling to move even for a step. Feeling Sue's resolution, Amy then persuaded Sheryl to cease asking Sue, "Aright. Since she chose to come down, then let's respect her decision. Don't worry. We will stay here and keep an eye on her."

After she settled the conversation with Sheryl, Sue turned to Peggy and asked in a cold tone, "Let me hear what you want to say. Why are you here today?"

Peggy sneered back, "You and this good friend of yours planned together to set a trap for me. Now, you are asking what am I here for? Don't you think it's just too funny?"

"Set a trap for you?" Sue raised her brows and pouted her lips to express her astonishment at Peggy's remark. Sue's face broke into a sarcastic laugh as she continued, "You are such a clever woman, Peggy. How can I make you fall into the trap?"

"You…" Peggy was rendered speechless. It was true that it was none other than Peggy who was responsible for

er even more. So, Mom, it is not my choice, but yours."

"You…" Failing to force Sue to give in, she changed her strategy. Now she tried to treat her emotionally and persuade Sue in a soft way.

Forcing some tears out, Peggy pretended that she was also a victim. "Sue, I have no choice also. Are you… Are you really so cold-hearted to see me suffer?"

Putting up a face that seemed extremely painful, she continued her performance. "I know. I know you are angry at me because I was unfair to you. Yes, it is true that I have only bothered you and loved Allen more than you. But there was a reason behind that. You should sympathize with me.

Last time you just ran away and left Allen to get beaten up. Since then his leg never recovered completely. Even now he can't walk properly. All the companies he applied for just threw him out because of him being a semi-disabled candidate. Till now, he has not been able to find a decent job. I don't know for how long I will be able to take care of him. What will happen to him after I am gone?"

She paused to sigh, and then continued, "He doesn't have a job, so he can't earn money. But I know that you can. So I can only…"

"Just stop your nonsense," Sue jeered at her explanation. "Just admit you only love him and not me!"

"Yes, I admit I love him a little bit more than you," Peggy replied. "But you should also know that it is not my fault. Before Allen was born, I had three daughters. And what did the daughters bring me? Nothing! They brought me nothing apart from disrespect, insult and cold attitude from my parents-in-law. Finally it was only when I had a boy that my status in the family improved. I owed so much to Allen. I... I had no choice but to love Allen more.

Now luckily Allen found a woman who is willing to marry him, and moreover she is with his baby. You should know how hard it is for Allen to find a wife, especially with his disabled leg and our humble family background. Of course I have to do everything I can to make Doris stay. Sue, I know that this would make it hard for you. I also don't want to trouble you with the money. But... I am just an old useless woman. Where else can I get the money from if you just turn your back on me like this?"

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