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   Chapter 871 Amy Is Angry

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Allen sat close to Doris and held her hand while trying to calm her down by saying, "Doris, please don't be upset. You saw what just happened. We are in some trouble now. But as soon as we solve all these problems, mom will give you all the money she has promised. Isn't that right, mom?"

Doris shook his hand off impatiently and turned to Peggy. "Aunt Peggy, it's not that I want the money now. But those horrible people really scared me. I am going to give birth to a baby. How can I do it without any money? I hope you can understand."

"Doris, please..." Allen tried to stop her. But Doris snapped back at him, "Shut up, Allen! Stay out of this."

Allen stared at Doris in shock. She was stern and cold towards him. He had never seen this side of her before. Doris then turned back to Peggy, who was also staring at her, but with anger in her eyes.

"You seriously want to discuss this, right now?" asked Peggy frowning. 'Those people just left and this woman wants to add fuel to the fire, ' she thought.

"Yes, let's talk about it," said Doris smiling. "How about this? You give me the bank card and I withdraw the money by myself, which could save you some trouble. What do you think?"

Peggy rejected her with a sneer, "No! I said I'll give you the money, and I will keep my word! You're really making me sick, for asking for it now!"

Peggy gave Doris a loathsome look, then stood up and said to Allen, "I'm going out. You stay here and be careful."

Peggy left without saying another word to Doris. She was going to find Sheryl and make her pay for this.

Peggy barged into the hospital, full of rage. But when she went to the ward, she found that Sue had already been discharged. Now, even more furious, she headed directly to the Zhao family house.

After returning home with Sue. Sheryl surprised Amy with the news, that Sue was carrying a baby.

Amy was so excited and soothed her in a caring tone, "Sue, honey. Just relax and rest. Don't worry about the baby. I am going to take good care of you and make you a wonderful mommy."

"Oh, thank you very much, Grandma Amy," she said touched by Amy's kindness.

Sheryl glanced at them with a smile. "Sue, you must be tired. Why don't you go upstairs for a nap? I'll help grandma with the lunch."

"Well, I can help too," Sue said smiling

hen you were going to burden her with all the expenses from Allen's wedding. That was crazy. Not to mention, she didn't have that much money in the first place. It's not her responsibility to pay for his wedding. That will never happen."

Sheryl smiled coolly and continued, "Then, you came to me for all this money. But I either didn't have that much to give you. So I went to find some usury. I was just trying to help you. Plus, you're the one that signed the IOU, which I didn't force you to. So it's your responsibility to pay the money back, not mine." She paused briefly for a moment and then continued, "Aunt Peggy, are we clear now?"

"Rubbish!" Peggy couldn't think of anything to say back in her defense and she didn't want to waste her time arguing. So she just insisted on seeing Sue instead. "Where is Sue? Get her out here at once! I can't believe what kind of evil she has befriended."

"She doesn't feel well. She is sleeping," said Sheryl still remaining composed. "I'm afraid she won't be able to see you."

"Are you not permitting me to see her?" Peggy snorted with anger, "She is my daughter. I can see her whenever I want to. You have no right to stand in the way. Just let her out."

"She is really weak now. I'm not lying."

"You're lying. She is just trying to avoid me," said Peggy furiously.

"Don't you remember, you dearest son just hit her? Thanks to him, she almost had a miscarriage. She needs to rest now. Do you understand?" Amy said in a low threatening tone, while she glared resentfully at Peggy.

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