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   Chapter 870 Money

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"Call the police? Great! I'd love to watch you do it. Go ahead and try it!" Scar replied with a jeer. After having a good laugh, he continued, "It is an indisputable rule that you have to pay what you owe. Is there any law that states the opposite of this? I am here to have what I am supposed to have and there is nothing wrong. If the police steps in then I will be the one with an upper hand."

Hearing these words, Peggy frowned with confusion. Staring at Scar, she decided that she must sort this out at any cost. She clearly knew these people would not answer her question if she continued to be cold to them, so she softened her tone. "Bro, I like to speak my mind and I don't think before I do it. I don't believe in hiding my emotions. But I sincerely apologize if I said something that displeased you. I hope you accept my apology. To be honest, I am really confused right now. I have no idea what happened. Could you please... kindly explain to us the matter?"

"That's the attitude I was expecting," Scar jeered. "The matter is quite simple. The money that Sheryl lent you was taken from me. I am supposed to have it back. I have the IOU note with me. I have come to confirm a date with you by which you should pay me back."

Scar took a quick glance at Peggy before he turned his attention to Allen. Without any hesitation, he continued, "Sheryl gave me a promise that it would be back in a month. If my calculation is not wrong then one week has already passed. Are you ready to pay it within a month?"

"For your information, she is the one who promised you. Don't you think you should be chasing her rather than barking here?" refuted Allen with anger. "We have nothing to give you. If you want money, then find her!"

"Brat, what kind of attitude is that?" Scar interrupted Allen before he could show more attitude. Without letting Allen fully vent his roaring fury, several men came forward and took hold of him. Watching this spectacle, Scar smiled cunningly. "You are speaking in such a disrespectful manner. I think it's time to teach you some manners. Otherwise in the future someone is going to give you a more painful lesson. Let us see what we can do."

As Scar was speaking, the men punched Allen brutally and showed no mercy. Seeing the scene in front of her, Peggy was terrified but didn't dare help Allen. She could only beg, "Stop that please. Stop that. Just let him go."

Peggy felt extremely disheartened to see her dear son being beaten up. Even with her begging, the men showed no sign of stopping. She then took a deep breath, gathered some courage, and intended to walk up to help her son. Just when she was about to move, she was pulled back by another man who was way

w are we going to deal with it?"

"What are you shouting for? Can't you see that I'm thinking?" Peggy yelled with impatience. She was already annoyed by the fact that she had to pay back the money which she initially thought was free money. On top of that, this astronomical sum of interest put her into a sour mood. As if to make things worse, her stupid son kept on nagging her rather than helping. Her mind was filled with problems.

Now Doris had no interest in taking a rest. Slowly, she peeked out of the bedroom door to confirm that Scar and his people had left.

"What on earth is happening here?" Doris asked. Seeing that Allen put his gaze down, Doris realized he wouldn't give her any answer. So she passed Allen and approached Peggy instead. "Aunt Peggy, I have thought about it. About the money that you promised to give to my family... I want it now."

Staring at Peggy, she asserted, "This money belongs to me."

"Doris, why are you in a hurry?" Allen replied. Once he heard the word "money", he could no longer keep still and hurried to respond. He knew he couldn't let his mother sort it out on her own. "Now the entire family is in a mess. It is not a good time to talk about this. We need to settle this urgent matter first. After that, we will think about yours. Now the important thing for you is to go back to your room and take a good rest."

"No," retorted Doris firmly. With her finger pointing at Allen, she questioned angrily, "Allen, I am asking for my right. You promised you would give me money. Now where is it? Moreover, you promised me a house. Where is the house? Let me ask you, are you two just trying to fool me?"

"How is that possible?" Allen spoke out as he pulled Doris' hands. "Doris, you know me well. You know I love you. How can I ever cheat on you?"

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