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   Chapter 867 How Dare You

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Sheryl looked at Sue who sat on the hospital bed with her head hung downwards. Though the girl was probably going through personal clashes one after the other with nothing apparently working on her behalf, she still had the strength of mind to choose her priority. Sheryl's eyes moved down as she gazed at her. She said, "Okay, since you have decided to keep the child, then from now on, you have to rest well and take care of your own body. Only with a healthy body will you be able to survive the process of giving birth. Leave all other things aside. Don't worry. I will handle them for you."

"Sher, thank you so much," Sue spoke with her eyes still lowered. Then she slowly lifted her head and looked at Sheryl with deep gratitude. Indeed, Sheryl had been her only support in the days of despair. And now she had to trouble Sheryl again for the baby. "I really have no clue of what to do without you."

"Just stop saying that." Sheryl put up a warm smile and told Sue to sleep. "It's already late. Have a nice sleep. Good night."

"Okay." Sue nodded and closed her eyes. She was so exhausted in both mind and body that she fell asleep in no time. Sheryl sat by her bed waiting for her to fall asleep. It was not until Sue fell into a deep slumber that Sheryl left the hospital. After she reached home, she worked for the entire night to complete her task and mail it to Isla.

By the time Sheryl switched off her laptop, dawn had just started to break. She looked out of the window to see marks of crimson slowly blending into the grey sky giving it a beautiful ombre look. The pleasant morning breeze kissed her face. 'It's no use going to bed at this time, ' she thought to herself. Then she decided to use this time to prepare a healthy breakfast for Sue. The very thought of Sue brought a sense of pensiveness in her heart.

When she arrived at the hospital, Sue had just woken up and was getting off the bed to brush her teeth. Looking at the sleep deprived face of Sheryl, she asked anxiously, "Sher, you didn't sleep last night, did you?" With worries creeping on her face, Sue continued, "You face looks so pale."

"I'm alright. Don't worry about me." Sheryl gave Sue a reaffirming smile. In fact, though she had not slept through the night, Sheryl was feeling invigorated. Having worked on an important proposal for her own company gave her a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after a long time. That expelled her sleepiness, powered her up and made her fully awake.

"Go and brush your teeth now. I've brought breakfast for you," said Sheryl. Sheryl knew that an expecting mother should get enough more nutritions for nurturing the baby, so she prepared a bowl of shrimp porridge for Sue. After Sue finished her teeth-brushing, she finished everything Sheryl cooked for her and felt much satiated. Just then, a much annoying intruder walked into the hospital room.

It was none other than Peggy. She came with empty hands. Sheryl was startled to see that she didn't bring anything for her daughter, no breakfast, no fruits, nothing. If the person lying on the bed was Doris, it might have been a completely different behavior all together.

But that was how Peggy was. She did not have the slightest concern about her daughter. The only thing she had to do with her was just to retrieve money from her and spoil her son with that money. Before she came, she even peeked through the door seam to gauge whether Sue was in the mood to see her or not. After she saw the smile on Sue's face, she got confirmed that

t on behalf of you. After all he is the father of the baby in your womb. And he will be my future son-in-law. It should be a reasonable thing for him to buy his brother-in-law a house, isn't it?"

"How dare you!" Sue's face turned red as she heard Peggy pronounce her threat in such a cold and clear manner. She glared at Peggy's shameless and contemptuous face with blazing eyes. There was a now-try-and-escape-from-me look and a winning smile on Peggy's face. Sue was turning crazy after she heard that Peggy was planning to reveal about her pregnancy to Anthony. She went absolutely blank in her head and screamed, "If you ever dare tell him, you will not want to know what I will do to you!"

Sue's voice creaked as she threatened her mother revealing the weakness in her heart. Peggy curved her lips let out another selfish smile and spared a pitiful look at her daughter. Her face was glowing with the confidence that Sue just had no other way than to give in. Peggy rested her hand once again on Sue's shoulder that made her suffocate all the more. Then she said, "Sue, I will be nice to you and give you some time to prepare the things I demand. So today I will let you go. If I don't see the money ready by the time I need it, I will show you no mercy despite being your mother."

Darting a fierce glare at Sue, Peggy continued, "Alright, it has been a long time. I have to cook the lunch for my dear Doris. Take your time to consider my suggestion. Make sure not to make me wait. My patience for you is running out."

Peggy shot Sheryl a glance before she left. It seemed that she didn't care about letting others know her true attitude towards her daughter anymore. This glance, perhaps meant more than just a glance. It was like a pre-warning to tell Sheryl to steer clear of her family issues. Sheryl was unmoved by that, and handed Sue a cup of warm water. "Alright, stop being angry now."

As Sue took the cup with trembling hands, she looked at Sheryl with helpless eyes. Sheryl consoled Sue gently while patting on her back. "This is not the first time you see her true colors, right? She is not even worth your anger. Please don't be disturbed by such a shameless person. Don't let anger affect your health. Take care of your body and your baby." Sue took a sip of the warm water, closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself.

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