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   Chapter 866 Keep The Baby

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The heavy weight on Peggy's chest was lifted as soon as Sue decided not to call the police. The anxiety was transformed into exhilaration and joy as Peggy started to wonder who the father was. She asked Sue excitedly, "My dear, tell me, is Anthony the baby's father?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" snapped Sue. She had just managed to get her mother off the topic of Anthony. With this pregnancy, she knew that her mother's secret hope that she and Anthony might get married someday had been rekindled. At the moment though, she didn't even want to hear his name, so she told Peggy, "Mom, I'm tired and need rest. Can you leave me alone for a while?"

"Not until you tell me the truth first," Peggy insisted, not willing to let go of the topic. She grabbed Sue's arm and latched on. refusing to let go.

"Get out!" Sue shouted, unable to tolerate her mother anymore. "Leave now before I call the police and tell them that you and your son assaulted me, to the point that I almost lost my baby. I wonder what the police will think about that and what action they will take."

"You..." Peggy sputtered. She was enraged by Sue's words. But Sue had hit on her weak spot, one of her biggest fears and she knew there was nothing she could do. Sue knew that Peggy would do anything to protect her son and herself, and therefore, sure enough, her words had the desired effect.

Reluctantly, Peggy left the room slowly, trying to figure out her next move. Judging from Sue's reaction, Peggy was confident that baby was indeed Anthony's. She couldn't let this golden opportunity slip away. But before that, she had to be 100% sure that he was the father. As soon as she left the room and was out of earshot, she took out her phone and gave Sheryl a call.

Sheryl was doing some work when the call lit up her phone. She glanced at her screen and was surprised to see Peggy's name. Even though she had never expected to receive a call from Peggy at that hour, she picked it up anyway. "Aunt Peggy? Why are you calling so late? Is everything okay?"

"Sher, I'm so sorry to bother you at this hour, I know it is already quite late." Peggy's words seemed almost sincere, although her tone said otherwise. All she wanted at the moment were answers.

"No, not at all," Sheryl answered politely. "What's the matter, Aunt Peggy? Has something happened to Sue?"

"You two really are close. You certainly know her well, almost better than I do." Peggy smiled bitterly. "In that case, I'll go straight to the point. Sher, please be honest with this old lady. What exactly is going on between Sue and Anthony? Are you sure they are just friends or is their relationship more than friends?"

"Aunt Peggy, what do you mean by that?" Sheryl asked curiously. Since she didn't know about the pregnancy, she didn't understand why Peggy was suddenly asking such questions and had no intention of divulging any information. Peggy seemed to sense Sheryl's hesitance and informed her, "Sher, please. This is important. Sue is pregnant."

Sheryl froze at those words. It took her a few long moments to recover her senses and she quizzed Peggy, "Where are you now?"

Smiling triumphantly, Peggy gave her the name of the hospital. Her plan was working! In less than twenty minutes, Sheryl arrived at the hospital.

Peggy rushed over to Sheryl a

goal to keep myself motivated."

"Oh, Sue." Sheryl sighed, but didn't continue her sentence.

They had been friends for many years now, and Sheryl knew Sue very well by now. She knew how strong-headed and determined Sue could be, and most importantly, once she had made up her mind, nothing in this world could make her change her mind. That was why Sheryl ended holding her tongue, even though she disagreed with Sue's thinking.

"But..." Glancing at Sue worriedly, Sheryl added, "Unfortunately, Peggy knows about the pregnancy too. There's no way she'll stay out of this. I have a feeling that she's going to tell Anthony about this. If he is totally unaware about your pregnancy, then you can give birth quietly without anyone's knowledge. But if he does find out, things are definitely going to get a bit messy."

"I have a feeling it's going to be a lot more than 'a bit' messy," Sue joked. Then her expression turned serious and she told Sheryl determinedly, "Like I said earlier, the baby is mine and I don't care about what he has to say. I'm only worried about my family. How can I get my mother and Allen to stay out of this?"

Sue sighed helplessly. "If it weren't for them, for the accident, they wouldn't even know about this pregnancy. Even if they suspected it, they had absolutely no proof and I could have avoided them until the baby is born. But now they know for sure that I am pregnant, and they'll definitely investigate my relationship with Anthony. And when they find out, they're definitely going to exploit him. What..."

"Sue, stop worrying. Relax," Sheryl interrupted quickly, seeing how worked up Sue was getting. "They can't move that quickly. We still have time to intervene and prevent their actions. All we need to do is make sure we get to talk to Anthony first."

"But..." Sue frowned. She was lost in her thoughts, being engulfed by one worry after another. Sheryl looked at her face and a playful thought popped into her head. It was the perfect way to distract Sue. "Hey Sue, try to stop worrying for now, okay?"

Sheryl grinned at her. "You said you want to keep the child, right? Welcome to the first step of motherhood. For the sake of the baby, don't stress too much."

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