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   Chapter 865 The Unexpected Child

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Being the kind of mother that she had always been, Peggy frowned in discontent at her daughter and complained, "Sue, I'm not getting younger. Neither are you. You should at least have a plan to get married to a man who will amount to Anthony so that I won't have to worry about money anymore. Don't you want the same?"

Even though it seemed like she was a part of her mother's whole narrative, Sue knew that what really mattered to her mother's never ending tale was money. As heart breaking as it was, the poor lady knew that if her mother were made to choose over her own daughter's happiness and money, Peggy would definitely choose fortune in a heartbeat. "Mom, do you never hear yourself talk? Do you have even the slightest idea what you're talking about?" Sue asked in utter disbelief. The young lady wasn't numb to her mother's nature; she knew that Peggy was a person who had no boundaries, but even a person without limit would still have at least some kind of breaking point -- although the chance of that ever happening was low. The words of the single woman's mother never failed to make her wonder if there would be an end to all of her mother's demands. Her mother's persistence in getting her way for the things she could not afford was still astounding and unbelievable to Sue because she knew that it was not out of her mother's knowledge that the tuition fee of the school she wanted her grandson to attend was expensive, but she was still willing to manipulate and bend Sheryl for the sake of her future grandson.

"Of course, I know what I'm talking about," Peggy confidently responded as if whatever she demanded was what she deserved. With the same tone of displeasure, the head of the household once again demanded, "Stop looking at me like you're mad at me. You know well that everyone should go for the best and my grandson is not going to be an exception to that. If he doesn't get into the best school, he is going to lose his face value and fall out of the competition with his peers. I will never allow that to happen. You're his aunt so I trust that you'll do whatever it takes. If you're not up to it we can always still ask for help from Sheryl, if not from Anthony, or anyone at all who has the fortune to aid our needs. I'm sure someone will be willing to help."

"Wake up. This is not some fantasy; this is real life," Sheryl refuted without hesitation. "To tell you the truth, I'm never going to pay to make your unimaginable dream of getting your dearest grandson enrolled into a prestigious school come true. I'm not even going to ask Sheryl for help. I'm not going to give you even a cent from my money!" exclaimed Sue, who was already running out of patience for her stubborn mother.

"How dare you!" Peggy exclaimed even louder, battling her daughter's anger. She was enraged at her daughter's resistance and disobedience. For years, the standard scenario was that Sue would fold to anything her mother asked of her and the young lady wouldn't even dare put up a fight. Peggy always had things her way and that was why she was so furious; right now, nothing was going the way she wanted it because she seemed to have lost power and control over her puppet of a daughter. "If you don't pay the loan, I will sell you for whatever I can get for you! I heard that many widowed men are willing to pay for a wife. If you won't join in my plan with you, I will execute my plans without you."

When Sue heard that her mother was willing to go as far as selling her own daughter's body for money, she found herself helpless and hopeless. How could a mother have the heart to profit out of her child? It was all ridiculous to the maiden.

"I don't care what you say," said Sue, standing firm on her words. "I'm never gonna pay for you anyway -- your debt, your money. I owe you nothing and I will never help you."

Allen, who

he hospital bed. The mother found that the doctor was finally speaking to a conscious woman, reminding her of all the things she should do as a pregnant woman. "Your baby is in an unstable state. If you had come here a few minutes later than you did, the baby would have been gone. Please, take time to rest until the baby stabilizes. Do take care of your body if you want to keep the baby. Avoid falling again, or else the result may be irreversible," the doctor carefully instructed.

"Thank you, doctor," Sue replied, glad to finally see a face that was there to take care of her. She showed her sincere gratitude to the doctor who saved her baby.

"There is one more thing I need to ask you about. Please, be honest…" the doctors said. The medic took notice of the injuries all over Sue's body and after that he took notice of the woman who brought the pregnant woman to the hospital. He hesitated for a brief moment and then asked, "You really don't seem like you just slipped and fell. Is there any need for me to get in touch with the police for you?"

"There's no need for that. Really, it's unnecessary," said the mother of the pregnant woman, replying on the behalf of the patient. Terrified to suffer the consequences under the law, Peggy stopped doctor and said, "It's just an accident."

The doctor, whose suspicion was only growing heavier, asked the old woman, "Who are you?"

"I am the mother of the patient," Peggy replied with an innocent smile. "I can assure that this was all a mere accident, doctor. Thank you so much for your concern, help, and kindness but there is really no need to trouble the police for this matter."

Still unconvinced, the doctor paid no attention to the guardian and instead turned to the patient, waiting for her decision.

Sue, who knew well that the intervening of the police would only aggravate the situation, forced a wry smile. She knew that there was nothing that the police could do for her; it was not like Peggy was going to be sentenced to jail for life. At best, her evil mother would only be behind bars for a few weeks, which was enough time for her to plot harsher things to do to Sue.

The soon-to-be mother thought it through and finally shook her head gently. "Thank you, doctor, but there is no need to call the authorities."

Since this was the decision of the patient, the doctor pushed no further into it even though he had his own theories regarding the matter. Out of respect, he had no further mentions of the police and reminded the pregnant woman to take care before leaving the room.

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