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   Chapter 864 Go To School

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"Doris, don't panic. Please, breathe," Allen told Doris in what seemed like a whisper, gently caressing her back as he spoke. It did not take long before the panicked woman's breathing slowed down into regular breaths. This was when the concerned man's duality conveyed itself; Allen turned to Sue and went from a soft voice to using a harsher, more confrontational tone. "You should know who you are and where you stand around her. Yesterday, we were already on the verge of snapping because you showed no manners. You were being so rude to Anthony and to us, even when we were already being so considerate to you. Now, don't tell me you expect us to have any more patience for you because we have no more energy to condone your bad and unethical behavior. If you dare speak to Doris in such a disdainful manner ever again, you will not know what will hit you."

"Alright, alright," Peggy intervened. She felt that her son had said too much to her daughter already, so she did the only thing she could to put the situation to a halt. "Go and accompany Doris back to the room so that she can rest. Let me talk to Sue," Peggy ordered Allen.

The frustrated man shot Sue a condemning look but could do no more than glare at her. Left with no other choice, he did as his mother said and went into the other room with Doris in his arms.

Now, the mother and her daughter were alone. Peggy sat next to Sue and said, "Sue, I am your mother. Now that everyone else is gone, why don't we talk about it? Can you please tell me the truth?" Although Peggy really held no regard for her daughter, she figured that if she acted like she was a caring mother then Sue would open up to her. "Is there really nothing between you and Anthony?" she asked Sue, who was staring into the void.

"How many times do I have to tell you that Anthony is just a friend and nothing more?" Sue said, obviously annoyed being asked the question for the nth time. All the young woman ever wanted was to keep Anthony away so that she could eliminate all the burdens of having him; all she wanted was peace to be restored, without anyone else constantly asking her the same questions over and over again. She was especially tired of her mother's impositions, so she finally confessed, "Here's the truth: I do have feelings for Anthony. But, we all know I stand no chance, especially not against Sheryl. I can never be as beautiful as she is and I don't have a strong family background as firm and as rooted like she has. All I'm left with is this family dragging me around. How am I ever going to stand a chance against Sheryl? Why would Anthony ever choose me over her?"

Sue took a second to scoff sarcastically and added, "This is all the truth I can tell you. Are you happy now?"

Obviously, there was no way for her mother to be satisfied with such a disappointing answer. Sue's answer was the complete opposite of what the mother had hoped for. The only reason why she kept her daughter around was for her dream of developing a relationship between her daughter and the rich man so that she could profit and benefit from. She was very upset about finding out that there was no fulfilling her dreams because of Anthony's love for Sheryl. She disguised all the disappointment with concern for her daughter, saying, "I just wish you can be with him so that I can be secured that you will have a full life in the future since I'm sure he can take care of you."

With fake concern written all over he

still feel that it isn't enough."

She hoped her daughter would understand her because they were expecting a new member in their family in a matter of months. "When the baby is born, the expenses will escalate. We'll need to buy milk, clothes, and diapers. You know, Allen still doesn't have a job, but he's trying very hard. As a caring older sister, you should be able to help him out.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I heard that Sheryl's kid just started schooling at a well-known school. They have the best resources, teachers, and facilities. Can you ask your friend to do us a small favor if she can one day help Allen's kid to get in?"

It was unbelievable to Sue that her mother already had a plan for the future at the expense of her friend.

"You like that school?" the stressed woman asked with derision in her tone.

"Of course," Peggy replied. "I hear that the education there is bilingual. No wonder parents nowadays are keen to send their children to good schools in the cities. The quality of education in these schools is way better than the quality in those within villages. If I never came to Y City, I would not have imagined that lessons nowadays could be discussed in English."

"Mom, do you have the slightest idea how much that school would cost us? I would have to work three consecutive years without spending a cent on my living expenses in order to save just enough money for the school fees for only a year. You talk about it like it's so easy to get it paid! You're being ridiculous!" Sue mocked her mother.

"It's too expensive… It's so expensive," said the maiden. Peggy was shocked to hear the words of her daughter. Not only was quality education unimaginable to her, but also the school fees. She thought over it for a while. Not long after, her selfishness brought her back to stubbornness. "Even though it's expensive, we can send the kid to school, right? Sheryl's family is so powerful. There must be a way. Ask Sheryl if she can help us today," ordered the ambitious mother.

She heaved a sigh and continued, "He will be my only grandson so I have to do everything I can to raise him. I want to provide him with the best education and I want him to never be deprived of anything. I want him to have what other kids have, and to have what even other kids don't."

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