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   Chapter 863 Obscure Relationship

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"Really?" Sheryl looked at Sue suspiciously. She hesitated for a while and then said, "Sue, why don't you have a medical check-up in the hospital? I think it's necessary."

"Don't worry, I'm pretty good," Sue replied with a smile. Seeing a concerned looked on Sheryl's face, Sue told her reassuringly, "I'm really fine. There's nothing to worry."

"It's still better to have a medical examination so we can set our heart at rest," said Sheryl.

"Seriously, there's no problem as I really feel good." Sue continued, "I know my own body condition better than anyone. I will tell you immediately if I'm not feeling well."

"Fine, as you said." Sheryl did not think much about it. She faced Sue and said, "Just tell us immediately if you don't feel well. Don't hesitate, okay?"

"I get it." Sue nodded slightly as Sheryl decided to take her home. She felt dizzy since she had drunk the night before. Meanwhile, Sheryl told her to go upstairs to rest. She felt a bit uncomfortable since Shirley went to school.

Sheryl accompanied Amy for a chat. She was left with nothing to do since everyone went to work.

Suddenly, she felt dullness in her life. She really missed the life when she was still in Cloud Advertising Company.

She had always been busy from day to night back then, though, she had still felt happy and satisfied.

It seemed that she really have to reconsider Isla's advice.

Just as she thought of Isla, the phone on the tea table rang. She looked at it and then laughed upon the thought of telepathic communication.

"What a coincidence! I was thinking of the advice you gave me when you called," Sheryl said as soon as she picked up the phone.

"Really?" Isla replied and laughed over the phone. But, her tone changed as she remembered her reason for calling. "Sher, I'm afraid that... there is no time for you to think about it now."

"What's wrong? Is something happened?" Sheryl froze for a moment and anxiously asked Isla over the phone.

"Okay, here's the thing.

he hesitated for a while. She then said. "Okay, I'll get home right away."

After hanging up the phone, Sue lost her appetite to eat so she packed up and went back to the apartment. As soon as she entered, she hastily asked Peggy with a cold expression, "Now, tell me. Why did you call me?"

"Well, you tell me. What's the relationship between you and Anthony?" Peggy asked Sue seriously.

"What the hell! Is that what you want to know for calling me?" Sue said impatiently. "Didn't I explain our relationship to you? What else do you want to know? Tell me about it exactly."

"Sue, I've known this. Do you really think I will believe your statement? Obviously there is something going on between the two of you." Peggy unwillingly smiled at Sue and said, "You are afraid that I would bother him so you hide it. Am I right?"

"Oh, you're wrong about that." Sue sneered and said, "There's nothing going on between us. Why would I be afraid of the trouble you can cause him?"

"Nothing? Do you think we will buy that?" Doris, who stood beside Peggy, said, "Be frank, you are reluctant that we will ask money from him, right?"

"You shut up!" Sue said coldly. "Who gave you the right to judge here?"

"Allen, see..." Doris turned to Allen who was beside her. She said unhappily, "Do I have the right to speak in the family?"

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