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   Chapter 862 Taking Care Of Her

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Anthony looked at Sheryl with his eyebrows slightly furrowed into a frown. "Sher, I…"

Sheryl interrupted before he could continue, "It's alright. You should probably go back first." Sheryl heaved a small sigh. If it weren't for Anthony, Sue might have been taken away by that stranger already. Who knew what the man was planning to do to her? In spite of everything, Anthony still helped Sue and Sheryl herself as well.

Despite the anxiety boiling inside of her, Sheryl said calmly, "I'll bring Sue home. You can just go now."

"No," Anthony resisted, shaking his head. "Sher, you know the consequences of taking her home now. If someone finds out about it, it wouldn't be good for her. Also, it's not very appropriate for her to go home with you now that she's passed out and drunk like this. Why don't you let me take her from here and bring her to a hotel to stay for the night? We can settle everything else as soon as she's sober tomorrow."

"Why should I let you?" Sheryl refused with a frown and added without hesitation, "Don't forget that you and Sue are not in any relationship now. Besides, how can I trust you?"

"What are you talking about?" Anthony looked at Sheryl helplessly and sighed. He looked at her with a serious expression on his face and explained, "I'm just saying that it's not a good plan for you to bring her to your house, so I'm offering to bring her to a hotel. Besides, since she's drunk, she will need someone to take care of her, and I can be there for her."

"But…" Frowning, Sheryl started, opening and closing her mouth as if trying to find the right words. When she couldn't find any, she paused and thought about it for a while. Now that she lived with the Zhao family, they would probably be worried sick if she did not come home for the entire night.

However, if she took a drunk Sue with her, Amy would most probably be more worried.

Seeing the hesitation on Sheryl's face, Anthony continued to insist, assuring Sheryl, "It's okay, Sheryl. There's really nothing to worry about. Let me take care of her."

Sheryl looked at Anthony and weighed her options. After a short while, she heaved a helpless sigh and said, "Fine." Anthony nodded and gently carried Sue with his arms. Sheryl was still worried despite Anthony's reassurance, so she followed Anthony to the hotel. She helped them book the room and open the door, so that Anthony could conveniently enter without having to place Sue down. As soon as Sheryl closed the door behind her, she saw Sue throwing up on the floor. Luckily, Anthony wasn't splashed nor were Sue's clothes affected, but she still made quite a mess on the floor. Sheryl called for housekeeping service while Anthony placed Sue down on the chair and proceeded to go to the comfort room to prepare a warm towel. He carefully wiped away the stains on Sue's face. Sheryl watched as Anthony took care of Sue gently, feeling her worries fade away.

The housekeeper finally came and cleaned up the mess. Once Sue was cleaned up, Anthony carried her and laid her on the bed. Sheryl sighed under her breath in relief. She nodded at Anthony, who nodded back at her. Then, she quietly left the hotel and went back to the Zhao family house.

As soon as Anthony tucked Sue in, he prepared painkillers and a glass of water on the bedside table. He sat on the sofa, watching Sue the entire night, in case she would start throwing up again. It was only when the sun almost began rising that Anthony felt the exhaustion and closed his

senses and looked at Sheryl. "Sher…" She sighed, and with sad eyes, she said, "I'm sorry that I made you worried."

Sheryl sighed as well and said, "It's okay. At least you're fine, now. But, accepting your apology doesn't mean it's okay for you to do this again. Don't you ever dare to drink that much again, do you hear me? Last night, you were almost..."

"I know." A rueful smile formed on Sue's face. She added, "Anthony dropped by my house yesterday. I was really worried. That's probably why I drank so much."

Sue sighed again and looked at Sheryl before earnestly saying, "Don't worry. I will never do it again."

Sheryl felt relieved by Sue's words but remembered what she had said earlier, making her frown in confusion. "Anthony? Why did he suddenly go to your house? Are you saying that Peggy knows he exists now, too, aren't you?"

"Yes," Sue replied with a nod. Her smile grew sadder. She moved to sit at the foot of the bed and continued, "This situation is really giving me a terrible headache now. I don't know what to do anymore, Sher."

Sheryl's eyes grew sad as well. She knew that Sue was very troubled and bothered by everything that was going on with her family. She did not want to make her feel worse, and decided to change the subject right away. She moved towards Sue and sat beside her. "Alright, stop worrying, okay? Have some breakfast first. We can settle everything else later." Sheryl then directed Sue towards the sofa with a coffee table and took out the food she bought for her.

She brought fried dough sticks and a box of soymilk. Sue sat beside Sheryl and grabbed the dough sticks. After having only a few bites, she suddenly felt nausea clawing her throat. She quickly rushed towards the comfort room and threw up what was left in her stomach on the toilet bowl. Sheryl rushed after Sue and raised her hair to prevent them from getting dirty. As soon as Sue finished, she flushed the toilet and looked at Sheryl, who was really worried about her more now. "Sue, what's going on? It has been a night already, so why are you still vomiting like this?"

Sue rinsed her mouth on the sink and shook her head at Sheryl's question. She then turned to her and answered, "I don't know. Perhaps… it'a just probably because I really drank too much last night and it really hurt my stomach."

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