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   Chapter 861 Whose Girlfriend

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8889

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It had been a lot for Sue for the past few days. In fact it was a point when her nerve, heart and all her senses were at a brimming point. She just had to dunk it down somewhere. So she chose to drink it all down. However, as she tried to escape from her ongoing troubles, another trouble was just lurking close to her. A man sitting just a few seats apart had been noticing her for a long time, casting greedy eyes on her. However, Sue was in such a black mood that she did not notice that the danger was imminent. When she got drunk, the man decided to hit on her immediately. He walked up to Sue, sat down beside her and said, "Hey, you look gloomy. What happened? Why are you drinking alone?"

"Get the fuck out of my face!" Sue snarled savagely while holding a glass of wine. She was too frustrated to even look at his face.

"Don't be angry." Sue's harsh words failed to drive him away. Rather, it made him all the more interested in her. He gave a sinister smile at her that revealed his impure intensions towards her. He said, "You're alone, and so am I. Why don't we have a drink together? After all we're both adults now, you know... "

The man glided his hand across Sue's lap in a sleazy manner and spoke in a very low and husky voice, "Trust me, I'll give you a fantastic night that will make you forget all the unhappiness..." He narrowed his eyes and looked at Sue lustfully.

His eyes roved through Sue's body. Sue was comely and had a good figure. Her long legs, in particular, were shapely, white and very attractive. The man's face broke into a dirty smile as the lustful fantasies and dirty thoughts filled his head.

Feeling the touch of his hand on her lap that made her extremely uncomfortable, Sue finally raised her head to see his face. "Get out of the way. I want to go home," she fumed. Finally realizing the danger, Sue pushed the man away, stumbled to her feet and tried to leave.

The man, however, seemed to have been experiencing his first encounter with such a beautiful and hot girl. Evidently, he was not ready to let her go so easily.

He grabbed Sue by her wrist and pulled her toward him. Unsteady for being booze, Sue slumped down on the man's lap.

"Well, I'll take you home right away," the man said in a very polite voice, pretending to be gentle. He laughed, his eyes blazing with pleasure and malice.

Then he stood up, helped the drunken Sue to stand up and tried to take her away. Sue was half in a trance and had little control over her body. Her intuition was completely at work. She tried to resist the man with all her mind but her limbs felt like feathers under the strong grasp of that man. She

came from the girl resting on his shoulder. Of course he was not reconciled. He shouted and the crowd surrounded Anthony completely.

"I tell you, I'm going to take this girl anyway. You're indeed strong, but you can't handle so many people on your own, can you?" the man said with a fierce look as he gestured towards the people around.

"Let's try, and you'll know," Anthony spoke in an intimidating icy cold voice.

The man winked at the crowd around Anthony, and these men immediately assumed a fighting posture. Just before they charged toward Anthony, a woman's voice came from behind them.

"Stop! I've already called the police. If you don't get out of here, you all are going to have to spend the night in the police station. Of course, you can keep fighting if you are okay with it." Anthony turned around to see Sheryl standing there. The crowd exchanged looks and whispered among each other as soon as they heard the police coming and finally dispersed.

Only the man who wanted to take Sue away stayed in the same position still finding it difficult to let go of his prey.

Sheryl gave a stern glance at the man. "Are you waiting for the police to arrest you?" she demanded.

"No, no, I'm leaving." The man hurriedly shook his head, let go of Sue and walked away.

Sheryl swiftly grabbed Sue as Sue was about to fall to the ground. Looking at Sue who was in her inebriated state, she felt a pang of sadness.

"You silly girl, even if you drank yourself to death, he will not care about you." Sheryl let out a heavy sigh.

Then she headed outside the bar, holding Sue by the arm. Anthony hurried up to them and offered, "Sher, let me hold Sue." "We don't need your help," Sheryl refused blatantly and walked ahead supporting Sue to the car.

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