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   Chapter 860 Where Was Sue

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On their way back, Sheryl couldn't help but probe Clark. She was curious to know how he felt about the decision to skip a grade. Was he looking forward to that or was he reluctant to do so? Looking into Clark's eyes, she asked in an inquisitive tone, "Clark, have you thought about what you are going to do after the IQ test? Do you plan to stay here or to skip a grade?"

"It's such an easy choice," replied Charles on behalf of his son. Even though he was driving, he still listened to the conversation behind him attentively. Feeling so proud of his smart son, Charles boasted, "Clark is my son. I know he is different from the other kids. He is so smart. Clark, don't worry. For you to skip a grade is no big deal."

"Mom, do you want me to skip a grade?" Clark ignored his dad's words, but turned to ask the opinion of his mom.

"Me?" Sheryl was startled. She thought Clark would at least respond to Charles first but didn't expect Clark to ask her instead. She knew that the best decision for him would be to skip a grade. That would help with his further studies as he didn't need to waste his time on schoolwork that was too easy for him. Meanwhile, as a mother she was also worried about whether Clark would be able to cope with the higher demands for schoolwork. With the conflicting ideas in her mind, she decided not to influence Clark's decision and replied, "Clark, you have to make your own decision. No one can decide for you, including us."

"I know that. I just want to know what your views are. Of course, I will not just take what you say. In the end, I will make my own decision after considering every factor." Clark gave Sheryl a determined look. There was a fleeting moment where she saw Charles in Clark. Just as the famous saying said, "A wild goose never lays a tame egg." It was very true.

She smiled warmly back to him. She realized that she had to tell him how she felt, so she replied, "Well if you ask me, my answer would be, no. I think you are too young for grade skipping. I'm not fully convinced about this idea. Maybe wait until you are a bit older, then I will have complete confidence in you."

Sheryl felt that she might have been too harsh and may have made him feel a bit discouraged. "But anyway, I don't want you to feel any pressure from what I said. It's just my suggestion. You have to be the one who will decide in the end," she said trying to cheer him up.

"Shirley, how about you?" Clark asked to hear his little sister's opinion, "Do you want me to stay?"

"Where are you going, Clark?" asked the little girl worried. She was still too small to make any sense of what he was asking her. She felt panicked when her brother asked her if she wanted him to stay. She thought that her brother was going to go away.

"Clark might be leaving kindergarten and going on to primary school," explained Sheryl patient

alked it through today. From now on, I will not meddle with her affairs. It's none of my business."

"Oh really?" Sheryl ridiculed with obvious contempt. "You have been waiting so eagerly for this day to come. Haven't you? Do you know that Sue still hasn't come home yet? Aren't you worried about her at all?"

"What did you say?" Anthony was suddenly engulfed by his anxiety for Sue when he heard that Sue was not back home. He forgot about everything he had just stated. He was so firm just a few minutes ago, but now he was contradicting everything that he had said. Holding on to his phone tightly, he asked with so much care and concern, "What happened to Sue? Where is she right now?"

"She is drunk in a bar," replied Sheryl flatly. "It is the bar that is close to your house. I would like to get her, but it will take me at least half an hour to get there. Anthony, if you have at least some decency, please go and check on her. I am worried about her."

"Alright, I'll go now." Anthony rushed out of his house the moment he hung up the call. 'Sue, please stay where you are. I am coming for you now, ' he thought as he ran.

He had never run at such a speed in his entire life. In less than five minutes, he had arrived at the bar. He rarely ever went to bars, as he found the atmosphere to be suffocating and disgusting. He hated the singing, the lighting, the dancing and basically everything that a bar represented. But now, he had no other choice but to dig Sue out from this vulgar place.

Sue had been drinking since around 8 pm up until now, which was already 11 pm. For three hours she drank and drank. Only by indulging herself in alcohol was she able to numb the painful memories and temporarily escape from reality. Sue thought she was able to deceive herself that she was actually happy.

But she failed. The more she drank, the deeper the name Anthony was engraved in her heart.

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