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   Chapter 859 Enrollment

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Sue was seething. She couldn't believe the expectation that she felt in her heart when Peggy asked Anthony how he felt about her. She laughed at herself how foolish she was to have such a ridiculous assumption.

Sue knew very well that it was impossible for Anthony to be with her. However, when Peggy asked the question, Sue's heart beat fast, and she felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Peggy frowned slightly. She couldn't tell why Anthony answered her that way. She thought he had a thing for Sue and would give her a positive answer.

Anthony didn't know why he said that. He thought, probably because he didn't want Sue to hold certain expectations before he made his decision.

Anthony smiled and said to Peggy, "Aunt Peggy, please rest assured. I will always be her friend. No matter what happens to Sue, I will be there to help her."

Peggy first looked at Anthony and then at Sue feeling even more confused.

Peggy didn't believe that Anthony and Sue could not be together, so she asked Anthony in front of her, "Is it... really that impossible?"

"Aunt Peggy," Anthony smiled and continued, "as I said, nobody knows what will happen in the future, but... at least for now, it's not possible."

After listening to their conversation, Sue felt very disappointed inside. She then looked at Peggy and said, "Did you hear that? You flatter yourself too much."

Sue glanced at Anthony who was in front of her and said, "I'm busy, I have to go now. Would you like to leave now?"

"Yeah, sure, I'll come with you," Anthony said in a hurry. The reason why he came today was to help Sue but he found that he didn't play a very positive role.

Anthony looked at Peggy beside him and said, "Aunt Peggy, I'm leaving now. I'll see you next time."

"All right," Peggy said nodding awkwardly and escorted him out.

After saying goodbye, Anthony quickly caught up with Sue and said, "You're walking so fast. Wait up."

Sue didn't say a word to Anthony. When the elevato

heryl, so she asked Charles curiously.

"This is Clark's mother," Charles answered. Then he frowned and asked Sheryl, "Sher, I know you love Clark, but you know he's different from other children."

"I know what you mean." Sheryl gave a wry smile and said, "Please think carefully, Clark is still so young, but you let him study with children who are much older than him, I am really afraid for him..."

"I have an idea," Pamela said with a smile. After having both of their attention, she continued, "We can still conduct the intelligence test as originally planned. But when the results come out, we can let Clark decide what he wants to do, whether to skip a grade or stay here."

"Do you think that's a good idea?" Charles looked at Clark with a slight frown and then said, "How can he make such an important decision when he is so young?"

"Didn't you just say that he's different from other children?" Sheryl couldn't help laughing and said, "I think Director He's suggestion is good, so let Clark decide for himself."

"All right then." Charles nodded helplessly.

Pamela said with a smile, "I still have something to deal with, so I have to go now. It was nice to have met you Sheryl. Bye Charles."

"All right. Bye." Charles nodded slightly and watched Pamela walk away. Then he left with Sheryl and the children.

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