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   Chapter 858 I Want An Answer From You

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Peggy glared at Sue furiously. "You wicked girl! What did you do? Are you driving our guest out from the door?"

"Mom! What are you talking about? I can't make him do anything!" Sue replied defending herself.

Seeing that Sue was getting angry, Anthony turned to Peggy and explained quickly, "Please don't be mistaken. Sue has nothing to do with it. I have something urgent to deal with, so I really must leave now anyway."

"Anthony, there's no need to make excuses for her," Peggy answered with a bitter smile and sighed. "She's my daughter and I know her well. She must have said something to you, to make you want to leave?"

"No. Sue didn't say anything, I promise!" Anthony tried to defend her.

Peggy stared at Anthony and then waved her hand dismissively. "Ignore her. You are my guest today, not hers. Have a seat and enjoy your meal. Come on!"

Peggy virtually dragged him to his seat and then glared at Sue, commanding her to sit down as well.

Sue had no choice but to listen. She couldn't leave Anthony alone with them. Who knew what could happen?

She knew that Peggy was planning something, but couldn't quite figure out what it was just yet.

"Anthony, try this." Peggy plonked a piece of sweet and sour spare rib onto Anthony's plate, showing off proudly, "I'm not bragging but the rib is my signature dish and it happens to be Sue's favorite one as well."

"Really? Sue's favorite dish?" Anthony smiled and looked up at Sue. He noticed that strangely he was especially mindful whenever he heard of Sue's likes and hobbies. "Then I must try it."

Sue opened her mouth in shock. "Mom, are you kidding me? My favorite dish? The person who loves eating the ribs is your son, Allen Wang! As for me, I don't even know the taste of the meat that you cook, because I have never had the honor of trying it. So how can the ribs be my favorite dish? How ridiculous!" There was sorrow and anger in her tone.

"Don't mind what she said. Just ignore her," Peggy explained to Anthony with an embarrassed smile. "She is a spoiled child. It's my fault."

"I don't think so. I think she's very nice." Anthony smiled, defending Sue in a firm tone.

"Really?" Peggy said slyly. Then her face lit up and she glanced at Anthony and Sue. "Well, then you must have feelings fo

u say it has nothing to do with me?" Peggy shouted out in fury. Seeing that Sue was unwilling to talk, she turned to Anthony again. "Anthony! I need an answer from you today. You have to tell me the truth! What do you feel for my daughter?"

"I..." Anthony hesitated. There was a strange feeling in Anthony when he thought about the answer. He glanced at Sue and could read Sue's loving eyes filled with hope and expectation even though her face remained expressionless.

Anthony didn't know how to respond as he was put on the spot.

"I don't know how I feel either." Anthony smiled awkwardly. He looked at Peggy and said diplomatically, "Sue is a good girl. She will surely have a good husband in the future."

Peggy was confused. She didn't expect that sort of response from Anthony. She couldn't help but question her own sharp judgement. 'Am I wrong this time?

It can't be! I am sure that I notice the way he looks at her.'

She was unwilling to accept it and frowned. "Anthony, what do you mean by saying that?

"Aunt Peggy." Anthony looked at her anxious face and decided to confess frankly. "Sue and I are just friends. Please don't get the wrong idea."

"Even though you are only friends now, you can be something more in the future," Peggy continued to persuade him. "Sue is a good girl! She will make a good wife, I'm sure."

"Maybe," Anthony replied with a polite smile. "Nobody can be sure about the things in the future. All we can be sure about is what is here and now. We can only be friends."

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