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   Chapter 857 Tantrum

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"Stay where you are!" Peggy roared angrily at Sue. Sue was about to leave when she heard Peggy's loud voice stopping her in her tracks and demanding her to stay. Peggy then said, "Look at yourself. What are you doing now? Is this how we should treat our guest?"

"Guest? I mean, 'our guest'? Have I heard it right?" Sue immediately countered in a jeering manner. Then in a mocking tone, Sue continued to refute, "Mom, don't you remember? Well, let me remind you of something. The people residing in this house now, are you and Allen, not me. You just said that Anthony has come to visit you. What have I got to do with it? I am neither the host nor the person that this man wants to meet. He is your guest, not mine. I have no time to waste here."

"You really are rude, you..." Peggy stammered as her voice trailed off. Now she was utterly embarrassed. She knew, she could not rebut the fact that she had forcefully taken over the house which was owned by Sue. This was precisely the reason behind those words Sue deliberately said. And this was also that same reason which angered Sue. Peggy could find no words to defend herself; she was at a loss.

"Sue, it is not right for you to say that," Doris interjected defending Peggy. Doris, being a person who was good at twisting stories around, took side with Peggy. She said, "Though you don't live here, this is where your family currently stays. Yes, Anthony said that he has come to visit us, but that doesn't mean he is definitely here to see us. The reason he went here is to see you. He would not be here if he doesn't know you, am I right? In other words, you are a host at this place and he is your guest. Now, you are going to leave us alone to attend to your visitor. Don't you think it's too much? It is quite improper for you to do so, isn't it?

Moreover..." Doris took a pause and then hurled taunting remarks at Sue, "Anyone who is not blind can see his affection for you. Sue, do you think you are still young? If I were you, I would wait no more to get married to a man who cares so much for me so that my mother does not have to worry about me all the time. Does that make sense?"

"Let me see who is barking here?" Sue scoffed at Doris as her eyes were burning fiercely with loathing and hatred. She knew that all this going on in her life started with Doris. It was because of Doris that Allen and Peggy eagerly came to Y City to stake a claim over her house, so Sue showed no remorse in flaunting her anger and disgust towards Doris.

Then she continued to goad Doris on contemptuously, "Don't forget you are not part of the family yet. Who are you to say all these? What has the business of our family got to do with you?"

"You..." Doris was stunned and rendered speechless. Propriety was not on her side, either, so she was also defeated, just like Peggy. She then resorted to the last person on their side, Allen, and said in a whining tone of voice, "Allen, you see... I was only trying to speak for your Mom. How can she say that to me? Why is she being so mean to me?"

Feeling provoked, Doris threatened Allen

Sue, do you really have to do this to me? We can't even have a chance to have a meal together?"

Sue just looked down and refused to say anything. She stood there, silently.

"I know you hate me." Anthony forced a wry smile and continued, "But what I do not know, is that your hatred for me is way too much beyond my expectation."

Honestly, Anthony felt deeply hurt by Sue's reaction. But he knew that he was being blamed and that he had it coming. It was entirely his fault after all.

He glanced at Sue dejectedly. Heaving a deep sigh, he weakly said, "I see. You really hate me. I fully understand that. All right, I'll disappear from you."

Sue's heart suddenly tightened in her chest when she heard the disappointment in Anthony's words. She wanted to say something but said nothing in the end. She steeled herself to endure the pain because she must -- there was no other way.

Just as Anthony stood up to leave, Peggy finished pacifying her future daughter-in-law. Seeing that the person who might be her future source of money was ready to leave, she turned anxious and asked, "What happened? Anthony, are you leaving now?"

"Yeah, Aunt Peggy," replied Anthony. He smiled warmly to her and said, "I am sorry that I just remembered I still have some work to do now. Aunt Peggy, thank you so much for your invitation. We can eat together next time, my treat."

"Please stay for a while," Peggy said as she dragged Anthony back. She was not letting her future money bag go. She insisted, "The dishes are now ready. Let's not wait for the next time. I am aware that you are such a busy man and you have a lot of work to do, but you must eat first, right? You must take good care of your body. Listen to me. Just stay here and dine with us. Just have a few bites."

"Aunt Peggy, thank you but I really have to leave now," Anthony gracefully declined.

Annoyed by Peggy's repeated invitation, Sue stared hard at her and inquired, "Don't you hear his words? He said he needs to go. I didn't know you are deaf. Why are you not letting him go?"

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