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   Chapter 854 How Long Are You Going To Stay

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7441

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Anthony didn't know how to help Sue out of this awkward situation, but he wanted to try his best. Since Sue refused to meet him, he decided to meet her family first and see whether he could figure out a solution.

Early in the next morning, he prepared a lot of gifts for the visit. He knew that Sue wasn't at home so that he could visit her family without any worries. Soon enough he arrived at her home and knocked at the door.

"Who are you?" asked Allen when he opened the door and saw a stranger standing there.

"Hello! You must be Sue's brother, right? She always talks about you." Anthony smiled. Then he asked politely, "Where is Sue? Is she at home? I need to speak to her about something."

"No, she's not home," Allen replied impatiently as he stood in the doorway with no intention of inviting him in. Seeing that Anthony wasn't about to leave, he then asked, "What did you want to tell her? I can pass the message on to her."

"I see," Anthony replied with a smile. "I'm a friend of hers. I heard that her family came to visit her recently. So I just wanted to pay a visit and get to meet you all. I brought some gifts."

"Oh! You are her friend." Allen's attitude softened when he heard that Anthony had gifts for them. He glanced at the bags with gifts and then to Anthony. "Thank you so much, Sir. It's very kind of you," he said trying to regain some manners.

"You're welcome." Anthony smiled and bid him farewell, "Please take them. I'm Sue's friend and you're her family. I hope you like the gifts. Please give her my regards and tell her I will visit her next time. Goodbye."

When Anthony was about to take his leave, suddenly a voice came from inside, "Allen, who are you talking to?"

"He says he is Sue's friend," Allen replied plainly. 'I wonder which friend comes to visit her home?' Doris thought.

Shortly after, they heard the sound of hurried footsteps and then Doris rushed out. When she saw that it was Anthony at the front door, she asked in surprise, "It's you. Why are you here?"

"Do you know him?" Allen asked in surprise.

"No," said Doris shaking her head. "But yesterday, when your mom and I went to Sue's company I saw him there."

"I see." Allen was about t

the whole family. My son and his girlfriend wanted to stay at a hotel, but Sue didn't allow them to. She said Doris is pregnant and she should stay in the house for the sake of the baby. So she left the house to us and moved out. Now she lives in her friend's home,"

Peggy said smiling quite satisfied with this explanation. "Don't worry about her, she's fine now. I was also worried about her when she moved out, so I paid a visit to her friend's house. It is a huge villa! It is so big! They don't mind sharing their house with Sue."

"Mrs. Wang..." Anthony frowned after hearing Peggy's story. "No matter how big the villa is, it is after all their home and not Sue's home. She wouldn't be comfortable there. What's more, she can't live like that forever. Don't you agree?"

"You are right," Peggy sighed. "But you have to understand us. We don't have a choice either, Sir."

Peggy put on a bitter smile. "I'm a bad mother! I can't buy a big house for my own daughter. She suffers a lot for the whole family, poor girl!"

"But..." Anthony frowned. Her shameless lie rendered him speechless. Finally he asked, "Mrs. Wang, I have one last question. How long are you going to live in this house?"

"We..." Peggy paused and looked up at Anthony with embarrassment. She didn't know how to answer that question.

Her real plan was to live there until her son's wedding. But she couldn't say it in front of Doris because, Doris was convinced that the house would be hers.

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