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   Chapter 852 Just Give Up

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Sue grasped Sheryl's arm and said, "Sher, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. I just wanted to know why he came to see me."

Sheryl looked at Sue. "Just look at you, I really don't understand. I'm confused by what you really want. You said firmly that you didn't want to see him any more, but here you are trying to find out why he came to you. What on earth do you want to do with him? Do you really want to forget about him or not?"

Sue gave her a pitiful smile. "Forgetting about him? It's much easier said than done. Maybe I need some more time."

Sheryl couldn't stand to see her upset. "Do you really want to know what he wanted? It's no big deal. He just came to ask me if you were okay and wanted to make up with you. That's it."

Sue scoffed, "Make up with me?

I don't need that. Does he really think that he can make up with me so easily?"

Sheryl took her hand and said affectionately, "Mimi, I've thought about it a lot these days and I'm okay with it if you don't want to be with Anthony. It would be kind of a relief for you. Besides, neither of you would be happy together. He's not worthy of your love.

I'm not saying that Anthony is a bad guy. The problem is that he doesn't love you. No matter how much you love him, he can't accept it and give it back. So all you get is nothing but pain in return. If I were you I would rather stay away from him than suffer in a loveless relationship."

There was no denying that Sue was still hoping for some love from Anthony, but she lost all hope after that. Sheryl was clear that she could never be the one. Thinking about that made her feel down in the dumps. But, despite how she felt, she gave Sheryl a smile. "Thank you, Sher. I know what to do. Don't worry about me."

Sue turned and walked away. Sheryl didn't go after her, because she knew that Sue needed time to cool off. She would go and comfort later wh

mily isn't wealthy. They are simple and unadorned. I'm okay with that.

Well, you have to find a good restaurant. This is the first time for the two families to meet, we have to be polite and welcoming."

Anthony rolled his eyes and frowned. "Mom, do you remember when you said that you wouldn't intervene in my life?

It's not a good time for me and Sue to talk about marriage. I'll see to it when it's the right time. Could you please allow me to take care of my own affairs?"

Laura sighed, beaten. "Oh, my son. Why can't you understand my love for you? I have made all the arrangements for you, but you're not grateful at all. How can I not be sad? I think that you don't want have any responsibilities, do you? I'm telling you, I won't allow it."

Anthony frowned again. "Mom, would you please leave me be for a while? Don't talk to me about Sue or Sheryl or a wedding, I don't want to hear anything about it, okay?"

Laura was surprised at how anxious he was; she didn't expect him to be so angry. She was curious as to why his reaction was so intense, so she probed further, "Anthony, what has happened? Why are you being so jittery? Tell me about it, okay? Does it have anything to do with that Sheryl? Did she come to bother you again?"

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